May. 8, 2020

The same amount of money, but government controls it

There’s still the same amount of money in Canada but it’s not circulating through the economy. Millions of people are not getting paycheques as the Covid pandemic continues its vicious grip on our country.

Yes, there’s still the same amount of money, only now it’s under the control of government which is handing it out in piecemeal fashion to interest groups which appear to be the flavour of the day. And when government hands it out it is borrowed from us and has to be repaid in the form of taxes, some way or another. You have to pay back your own money. Well, children and grandchildren will be signing those cheques.

The government is a middleman in the current process. We need to get back to a robust economy benefitting everyone

It’s a little like a living heart – if it doesn’t have the proper circulation that heart will surely die. In the same way, money has to flow from investors, to business owners, to employees, to buyers and sellers who recirculate it back up the chain in a continuous flow.

It would be easy to launch into a long and boring analysis of how economics works, but the bottom line is that money does more good in the hands of working people than in the hands of government.

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