Jun. 30, 2021

McKenna fleeing 'just noise' of her critics

Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna has announced she will not run again in the next election.

McKenna — who led the contentious fight to levy a national price on carbon emissions as environment minister — has long been the target of sexist attacks over her vocal defence of climate action in the face of entrenched opposition.

I have never seen the reasons for despising Liberals put so succinctly.

The “just noise” dismissal of critics displays Liberal arrogance. Those critics are Canadians, the people McKenna was elected to represent, expressing their frustrations and views. Her personal views on climate change and the environment are irrelevant.

This elitist, snobbish, look-down-your-nose at the riff-raff carries on to her reasons for stepping away from politics. She has no interest in serving the nation or its people. It is all about her, her views and her needs. Liberals tend to be self-centred, selfish introverted brats who refuse to believe that everyone does not adore and revere them.  

Liberals attract these intellectual lightweights incapable of rational consideration of the effects of the policies they espouse. Again and again, we see the policies liberals adopt based on a utopian dream world divorced from the realities that Canadians face daily and harmful to their well-being.

McKenna’s commitment to carbon taxes is a prime example. The concept is not local or meaningful. A group within the UN, financed by investors looking for profits, concocted the unscientific and unproven theory that the industrial revolution triggered global warming. McKenna’s policies are borrowed from foreign fraud artists.

Thirty years of hysterical warning of doom from the IPCC have failed to materialize. Michael Mann’s computer projections of global warming, which underlay the IPCC fraud, have been debunked.

Nevertheless, the liberals carry on combatting fictitious climate change they are powerless to control.

Climate change is natural, driven by dozens of factors, including the earth’s orbit around the sun, the distance from the sun to the earth, solar activity cycles, the earth’s seismic and volcanic activities and other factors never considered by the IPCC. 

Liberals avoid dealing with the messy domestic affairs that keep our nation working. Like adolescents, they espouse grand concepts and can’t be bothered with the housekeeping that allows us to maintain a very high standard of living.

The liberal approach has resulted in Canada’s international reputation plunging from revered to reviled in only seven years. No wonder the liberals cringe when the opposition asks for records.

The rule of spoiled brats has to end. We need some dull as dust administrators capable of digging us out of the sinkhole Canada has become. We tried the fancy and flashy model and discovered it is like owning a Lamborghini with a transmission that fails whenever power is applied.

Please choose your local candidate carefully and ensure that he wants to represent you, not the political party. Then spend a bit of time ensuring he does represent his constituents and raise heck if he does not.

That is the only way to avoid a parliament full of McKennas.

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