Jan. 11, 2021

Governments are more dangerous than the Coronavirus

Across the nation, people who have followed the ever-changing COVID-9 regulations are abused by unelected medical people who are unfit to govern, chasing a fictitious group of regulation scofflaws they see as thwarting their efforts to contain coronavirus spread.

While politicians cower in the background, a growing part of the public faces extended and detrimental intrusions into their lives caused by a failed experiment in social engineering.

There is no precedent for closing down businesses to contain a virus. Quarantine dates back about 670 years. Initially, sailors, ships and cargo were required to anchor off-shore for 40 days to avoid spreading the plague (black death) to coastal ports. Later, infected people and their families were kept in their homes for varying periods to prevent an infection spread to others.

Every province has contingency plans to deal with disasters, including infectious diseases. In the spring 2020 coronavirus panic, our governments ignored their plans and adopted an unplanned and untested virus response that has failed.

The article above states . . . the province logged another 3,443 new COVID-19 cases and 40 more deaths . . . which is fiction. The total case count increased by 3,443. That included 40 fatalities and 2,915 recoveries. Those who recovered or died (and were counted as active cases the previous day) will not take up hospital beds. The actual increase in COVID cases for the day was 488 or 14 per cent of the publicly-reported “new” cases.

There are millions of hourly paid essential workers with no employment benefits. They are exempt from COVID regulations. Let that sink in. They are exempt from COVID regulations. They go to work every day, risking their lives to make sure we can function as a society. If they miss work, they do not get paid. They are all in the same leaky boat and have public or work exposure they would avoid if they could. Since they can’t, they sympathize with one another. Those are some of the “scoff-laws” our politicians are trying to shame.

Add to that millions of others who have lost their jobs due to business closures. Some have found alternate employment at lower pay and others are still unemployed. If they have found alternate work, they are still struggling. Both groups resent regulations that prevent them from seeking better or new employment.

Add to that single parents who have to give up jobs to take care of children ordered to switch to distance learning instead of attending school.      

Businesses were closed to prevent people from gathering. We have a complex system of social interactions that allows us to live peacefully. Social distancing is foreign to us and has been proven to be detrimental to our physical and mental health.

The idea of quarantining a population of 37 million to curb virus spread is insane. After ten months of social distancing and related idiocy, coronavirus has spread steadily and infected 1.7 per cent of the population which is nowhere near the exponential infections predicted. Of those infected, as of Saturday, 552,388 had recovered, and 16,833 died. Out of 569,221 known outcomes, only three per cent were fatal.  

As of 07 January 21, 70% of Canada’s COVID-19 deaths were in long-term care (LTC) facilities (66% in Ontario and Alberta, 78% in Quebec). https://ltc-covid19-tracker.ca/.  

The COVID mortality rate for those not in long term care is under one per cent. The idea that we all need to be isolated for coronavirus protection is nonsense.  

Governments need to step up, dust off their plans for dealing with an epidemic, revise the approach to virus containment and undertake repairs to the horrific economic and personal damage done. Vaccines are a distraction, not a solution. We can’t wait while governments try to convince 24 million people to line up twice for vaccinations.

Governments have to toss their COVID regulations and encourage the public to maintain sound hygiene practices and boost their immune systems. They need to ensure visitors to Canada are quarantined at the point of entry, and people infected quarantined with family members. They need to put essential workers who cross borders high on the vaccine priority lists.

Businesses must reopen to allow rehiring of employees and a return to confidence in ourselves and our nation. If governments continue to abdicate public policy to unelected medical people, they may as well pack up and go home as they are useless to us.
The charade is over.

Our governments are proving to be more dangerous to us than the coronavirus. They can’t hide from the spikes in our suicide and overdose rates.