Jan. 20, 2021

Confidence in government on virus is rapidly sinking

I received the following e-mail Wednesday afternoon:
From: <get.updates.on.covid19@notification.canada.ca>
Sent: January-20-21 13:38
To:   jfeldsted@shaw.ca
Subject:  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from the Government of Canada 
Someone from your household returning from travel

Travellers to Canada must quarantine for 14 days. If someone in your household is quarantined, here are tips to keep yourself safe.

• Stay in separate parts of your home.
• Disinfect high- touch surfaces.
• Track their symptoms.
• Clean common areas (bathroom and kitchen).
• In shared spaces like the kitchen, wear a mask. 

See the full list here:
For more information on the Government of Canada’s response to COVID-19, refer to https://www.canada.ca/en/public- health/services/diseases/coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html

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Travellers arriving in Canada are still allowed to travel to their home destination before quarantining, and household members are not required to quarantine, although the traveller may be infected. There is no protection for people the traveller may encounter from the point of entry to home destination. That is outrageous.

Our medical personnel are scratching their heads and claiming they cannot understand how the UK and African variants of COVID have travelled across Canada so quickly.

They are facilitating the spread. Our confidence in government management of COVID is rapidly sinking. It is hard to believe that so many allegedly educated people can be so dense.