Mar. 1, 2021

RCMP should help victims of intimidation by China, says Lucki

CBC News reports the RCMP should do more to help those who feel threatened or coerced by foreign governments, including China, to come forward, according to Commissioner Brenda Lucki.

Lucki's comments to the parliamentary committee on Canada-China relations come after pro-Hong Kong activists in British Columbia say they were threatened and told by police there was little authorities could do.

Lucki noted that, though the RCMP has a 1-800 number for reporting threats to national security, "by the sounds of it, it sounds like we need to do better communication."  


The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense.

Commissioner Lucki does not appreciate reality. Chinese operatives in Canada coerce, intimidate and threaten Chinese residents who have family in China. 

They are coerced into spying for the CCP if they have access to anything of intellectual, military or scientific value. They are intimidated from speaking out against any aspect of China or the CCP.

Activists are threatened to cease activities or face dire consequences. The threat is that failure to heed will result In the imprisonment or death of family members in China. The CCP will not hesitate to carry out its threats as a lesson to others it seeks to intimidate.
There is nothing the police can do except ensure family members are killed because the threatened person contacted Canadian authorities. The CCP engages in a ruthless business of using former citizens and citizens here on education or work permits as unwilling Chinese government agents.
Announcing that Hong Kong residents are welcome to immigrate to Canada makes for a great photo opportunity and sounds very humanitarian, but the reality is that the CCP intimidation rampant in Hong Kong is as active in Canada.
Lucki’s argument is sound – all sound and nothing else.