Mar. 24, 2021

Conservatives put climate change back in spotlight

CBC reported that Conservative delegates at the party’s policy convention have voted to reject adding green-friendly statements to the policy book — including a line that would have stated the party believes “climate change is real” and is “willing to act.” 

Unfortunately, the Conservative Party failed to take the opportunity to introduce some reason and sense into the climate change and environment files at its weekend convention.
Climate change is real. Climate patterns have been changing throughout our recorded history and continue to change. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging that.
However, the addition of the words: “and is willing to act” indicates that politicians can influence the degree and effects of climate change when we have no evidence that it is possible.

The same governments have failed to contain the spread of coronavirus. Despite months of huffing and puffing and tens of thousands of officious (and totalitarian) regulations, governments are praying tearfully that a vaccine will accomplish what they could not.
Conservatives sat on their hands and allowed the governing Liberals to declare that carbon is a pollutant when there is no evidence to support the notion. Without carbon, life on this plant will die.
The majority of Canadians strongly support preserving and protecting our air, land and water, which has nothing to do with climate change.
We need to divorce climate change from environmental preservation.
We cannot control climate change and are foolish to expend energy and funds attempting to do so. We need to assess how climate change affects us and prepare plans to mitigate the effects to the extent that we can.
We need to get strict with polluters, whether they are individuals or corporations. Those who foul our air, land and water should expect severe punishment. Those are not infinitely renewable resources.
We need a new debate on the effects of carbon on alleged global warming. The “science” supporting the original hypothesis has collapsed. There is no valid, peer-reviewed science to support a credible link between carbon emissions and global warming.
Decades of predicted rapid increases in global temperatures have not materialized. We embrace a legend little different from the flat earth science of centuries past.
People need clarity on these issues and open debate on how to move forward. Discussions on climate change and carbon emissions have been censored and stifled for decades and that has to end. We lost an opportunity to bring perspective and reason to these critical files.
Without some means to accurately measure the effects of carbon pricing (taxes) it is a scam. If carbon taxes do not produce a measurable result the government implementing them must resign.