Apr. 3, 2021

UN declarations on aboriginal status totally meaningless

Bill C-15 ~ UNDRIP
An Act respecting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 

The preamble, an attempt to justify implementing this alleged international declaration, takes three pages and 820 words of bureaucratic verbiage of no interest to Canadians.

Few of us care what declarations unelected representative from about 160 undemocratic nations have concocted. We elect representatives to govern Canada in the interests of Canadians. We must not allow our laws and constitutions to be influenced by an unaccountable body dominated by enemies of industrialized, democratic first-world nations.

Putting this Bill before our Parliament is an act of treason.

Our constitution is clear. Protection of indigenous people and their lands is a federal government responsibility. Recognizing the treaty rights of indigenous people is a federal government responsibility.

Successive federal governments have failed to address problems with our treatment of indigenous people. The current government has given lip service to reconciliation but has failed to act on its commitments.

Indigenous affairs are deteriorating, not improving.

The last refuge of a villain is to wrap himself in the flag. Prime Minister Trudeau’s attempt to adopt the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is an admission that his government has failed to treat indigenous people with the dignity, respect and rights they deserve.

Adopting UNDRIP will not change the culture of the federal Cabinet and departments of Indigenous Affairs or open avenues of reconciliation. Adopting UNDRIP will create another 150 years of controversy, inertia and wrangling over the meaning and application of UNDRIP.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s primary claim to fame is avoiding responsibility for a series of actions that are primarily in his best interests without regard for Canada and her people.

The Indigenous people in Canada lost a war. They wisely decided to settle the conflict with treaties rather than gunfire. Instead of being grateful for the avoidance of bloodshed and finding ways to coexist in harmony, governments, on our behalf, have treated indigenous people shabbily and shamefully.

Trudeau’s attempt to dump federal responsibility into the hands of an unelected foreign body is cynical and irresponsible.

Trudeau does not have the mandate to force United Nations decrees on the people of Canada, whether those decrees involve indigenous people, climate change, refugees, health or other issues that the UN plays with.

The UN is not accountable – to anyone. 

We elect representatives to assess how international agreements will affect Canada and her people and proceed only if those agreements have a measurable, positive impact on the nation.

Undemocratic members of the UN outnumbered democratic members by about four to one. That is reason enough to avoid UN declarations and leadership.