May. 2, 2021

Finally some good news, the East will share the pain

It may seem strange to consider a pipeline closure as ‘good news’ but the potential pain for the AEB (Arrogant Eastern Bastards) is almost too good to be true. Just in time for summer comes the risk of higher gasoline, propane and jet fuel prices from a U.S.-blocked pipeline

Here’s the problem as commented on CTV by Don Martin. For 68 years, Enbridge’s Line 5 has been pumping crude and natural gas products like propane across the bottom of the strait linking Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.

Yet despite a flawless safety record, beyond a dent from a tugboat’s dragging anchor, Line 5 carries the “unacceptable risk of a catastrophic oil spill," according to rookie Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. U.S. President Joe Biden is not expected to save Line 5 from the governor’s wrath any more than he spared the Keystone XL pipeline from his inauguration day kill order.

If that happens, and there’s an air of inevitability about it, this is going to deliver a blunt-axe whack on Alberta as the oil supplier and to Central Canada as the consumer. CTV comment.


While this is not great news for Alberta, it is grand that for once the AEBs will finally share the pain. For too long, Ontarians and Quebeckers have been insulated from shutdown of our domestic energy sector. Their reliance on imported oil combined with two-tier taxes have cushioned eastern Canada from inane environmental protection legislation and taxation.

Tankers banned on the west coast are welcomed on the east coast. Saving the whales and other marine species  is a priority in the west and ignored in the east. The double standards are obvious and unacceptable. Even today, we are not allowed to discuss the discrimination in public.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a talented actor. Like others of the genre, he is totally believable while he is on camera and making a pitch to us. However, actors have little recollection of the lines they spoke when the pitch is over. They are busy learning the lines for the next appearance.

That is why Trudeau contradicts himself and why his actions differ from his public pitches. He is a marionette; a doll on strings with a recording device to absorb the next pitch. In live encounters, Trudeau stammers and stutters looking for words. The giveaway is his pleased grin when he succeeds is stringing together a (sometimes) coherent sentence.

We are governed by an empty suit without conscience, decency or ethics. He is genuinely puzzled when caught in a scandal as he cannot comprehend that something he does is unacceptable to the rabble he rules. He has no moral compass or ability to empathize; a live example of a sociopath.