May. 3, 2021

Taking awary our freedom of speech and expression

Bill C-10 An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act

 This somewhat-innocuous-sounding act is disguised authority for our federal government to ignore the Charter freedom of expression and engage in censorship of personal and public expression.

Under the layers of incomprehensible verbiage is an attack on using the internet for communication with our peers. The government wants to regulate who can express themselves and what they may express on social media and internet sites, including comments posted to media websites.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has a record of turning a blind eye to anything that the media conglomerates choose to do.

Failure of the CRTC to warn against media consolidation has resulted in a sharp deterioration of alternative news and views and a less-informed public.
In today’s media market, there is no competition to keep broadcasters and publishers honest. Media giants do not attack one another as fact-checking, and story verification is expensive and cuts into profits. The public suffers from low-quality media coverage as a result.
The CRTC will not protect the public, so who will it protect? We already know the answer.
It is doubly ironic that the most untruthful federal government in history seeks to stifle the comments of the people it is elected to serve. Putting a cabinet of liars in charge of regulating the expressions and speech of others is ludicrous. Parliament has turned into Alice in Wonderland’s tea party.   
Control over public discourse is de rigour for totalitarians. Managing public discourse prevents criticism of the ruling powers and potential public unrest.
Numerous organizations are rising to prevent this outrage:
Don’t sign one petition. Invest 10 minutes, sign them all and any others you find.
Google “Bill C-10” and get informed on what this piece of deception means.  
Freedom of expression means we hear commentary and views we disagree with or find offensive. We can strike back with facts, and where warranted, derision.
The alternative is the path to conformity, obedience and ultimately slavery. The chains and locks that bind us most tightly are not made from metal.