May. 6, 2021

Green Ideology and Idiocy are Inseparable

The political attack below wholly ignores reality. Canadians are facing a double crisis:

We have a health epidemic on our hands that our governments are handling poorly and ineffectively.

We face a personal and commercial financial crisis thanks to the inept government response to the epidemic.

The alleged environmental crisis is an illusion created thirty years ago, and the dire predictions of the IPCC and its most ardent believers have proven to be grossly inaccurate.

The green movement is an illusion and Ponzi scheme fuelled by investors with bottomless pockets. The strategy is to frighten governments into spending large sums to counter climate change. The investors create green technology start-ups which could not come into being without government subsidies.

When the start-up proves to be inefficient or otherwise unsustainable, the original funders create a media blitz to increase the share value of the start-up and dump the deadbeat on unsuspecting dupes. They made their profit on the original subsidies.

They create another green start-up and repeat the process. Patsies like Cohn fuel the efforts of the investors. I am not a Premier Ford fan, but he has no choice – health and the economy are top of his list of concerns and not by his choosing.

Martin Regg Cohn, a political columnist with the Toronto Star wrote a pandemic focuses the mind on matters of life and death. It also distracts us from the fate of our living, breathing planet.

Environmental issues might seem far off in the future. But we dare not forget they are in the here and now.

Under cover of COVID-19, Premier Doug Ford has been selling out the environment and selling it off to the highest bidder with underhanded tactics:

Greenbelt. Global warming. Carbon pricing. Reviving the moribund Hwy. 413 bypass while bypassing environmental assessments. Ministerial zoning orders.

It begins with the loosening of the Greenbelt, a band of protected farmland, forests, rivers and lakes. Ford has outdone himself by recycling a defeated, Harris-era politician named Norm Sterling to head the Greenbelt Council. 

*     *     *    *

Like other members of the climate change temple choir, the one thing Cohn cannot stand is to give up centre stage for even time to deal with serious health risks.

Cohn and his compatriots need to assemble in the South Atlantic forthwith and calm the summer season of hurricanes that devastate Antigua, Barbuda, the Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St Lucia southern and eastern US coastal states and east coastal Canada.

Climate change advocates point to every drought, flood, glacial change and wildfire as evidence of climate change but never make a solid connection between reductions in greenhouse gases and the taming of storms.

If we are to invest billions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we must have some clear evidence that it will have a beneficial and moderating influence on our climate.

At present, all we have is the very narrow IPCC approach to the factors that influence our climate and flawed global weather pattern computer models.

It is put up or shut-up time.