May. 10, 2021

Singh sees link between anti-maskers and far-right extremism

Refusing to listen to COVID-19 health orders is dangerous and needs to be called out, says NDP leader

CBC News reports Federal New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh is the latest to say he believes there’s a connection between anti-mask and anti-lockdown protests and far-right extremism.

Singh’s comments come as rallies against COVID-19 health orders are being staged across the country while health professionals battle a deadly third wave of the pandemic. FULL REPORT.

Politicians who blame faceless entities for their inability to govern according to the principles of a free democracy are annoying.

What makes Singh think that we are obliged to follow regulations issued by unelected medical people unquestioningly? He is a federal political party leader. The federal government does not issue COVID-19 health orders.

Provincial COVID-19 regulations are inconsistent. Reasons for regulations are contradictory, convoluted and unclear. There is no justification offered for infringement on our rights and freedoms.

Beginning in March 2020, our governments have issued COVID-19 regulations in the form of decrees. There has been no explanation of the need for business closures or the isolation of people.

With very few exceptions, our governments have taken healthcare specialists’ direction as justification for draconian regulations. We see no evidence of governments altering health care orders to mitigate economic losses, mental health stresses or months of government-induced fear and uncertainty.

Politicians should go home and allow the chief medical officers to continue to issue regulations. The bureaucracy will publish the information as it does now. We will save the salaries we pay them to tell us to do what the medical officers ordered. We don’t need them for that.

Governments put full political power in the hands of unelected medical specialists unaccountable to residents of the provinces. Politicians cannot hand off their fiduciary duty to govern in the best interests of all of the people in the province, not just in the narrow interest of some doctors.

Democracy is a messy business that shuns totalitarianism. Singh is proposing slavery to government mandates, which is where the struggle for democracy, freedoms and rights started. He has chosen the wrong side of history in the wrong nation. He will not undo 800 years of freedoms bought in blood.