May. 16, 2021

Palestinian, Israeli dispute doesn't belong in Canada

CBC reported that demonstrations were held across Canada on Saturday amid escalating violence in the Middle East, with pro-Palestinian groups gathering in cities from coast to coast and a pro-Israel virtual event planned for Sunday.

In Winnipeg, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel demonstrators were separated by more than a dozen police officers outside the Manitoba legislature. The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg said it wasn’t encouraging people to attend the rally on Saturday — the Jewish Sabbath. FULL CBC REPORT

Two words for these demonstrators: “Go Home!” Your family and community need you. Learn to live with and respect your neighbours. Leave old hatreds and prejudices in the past where they belong.   

They are here because they or older family members came to Canada to be free from conflicts and have an opportunity to build a secure future for themselves and their families.

They must not import middle east conflicts to Canada. Wars have never decided who is right – only who is left when the shooting is over.

If they are passionate about ending the Arab – Israeli conflict, go there and help broker peace. The conflict has been ongoing since May 15, 1948. For 73 years, and despite dozens of efforts to broker peace, strife has continued with occasional flare-ups of open warfare.

Extremist elements are testing the resolve of U.S. President Joe Biden to continue support for Israel. The United Nations was formed to keep the peace among nations and has utterly failed to do so.

The Arab – Israel conflict will continue until both sides are tired of the distrust, eternal vigilance, hatred, insecurity, killing, loss of life, mourning and weeping.

Conflict, discrimination and hatred suck the joys of life from us replacing compassion and empathy with soul-destroying darkness. We need not go there and settle for crumbs of a fragile peace instead of a whole and healthy life.