Jun. 14, 2021

Canada no longer deserves a seat at the big boys’ table

Diane Francis writes in the Financial Post that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is overseas strutting his stuff at the big boys’ table at the G7 and NATO conferences. But Canada is no longer one of the seven biggest economies, and is a laggard in terms of its NATO commitments. MORE

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Canada isn’t run by grown-ups, but by a cabinet with zero expertise in business, economics or much of anything else except spending and taxing.

There speaks truth to power. Our Prime Minister has earned a reputation as a glib klutz continually embroiled in scandals and ethics violations.

Trudeau’s considerable acting ability cannot carry him through a competence test at the world level. Other leaders and their analysts are not impressed by a speech, no matter how well delivered.

The sooner we are rid of this conglomeration of braggarts, charlatans, incompetents and liars the better off we will be.

None of us occupy the Liberal pretend world where they maintain they are governing competently when every metric contradicts their pretense.