Jun. 28, 2021

Environmentalists of convenience

On June 23, 2021, Private Member’s Bill C-269 (Andrew Scheer) came up for second reading in the House of Commons.

Bill 269 would have prohibited the deposit of raw sewage into waterways inhabited by fish. The federal government can currently grant exceptions to entities (such as cities, municipalities, towns, ocean liners, industries) dumping raw sewage into our waterways.

The second reading is when a Bill is referred to Committee for further study or killed. A vote of 211 to 120 defeated the bill. It is interesting how the vote breaks down by party lines:

Political Party       Yea Nay
Bloc Quebecois      0 32
Conservative      118 0
Green Party 0 2
Independent 2 3
Liberal 0 151
NDP 0 23
TOTAL 120 211
 The vote was whipped. It appears embarrassing the Conservatives overwhelmed good sense and the opportunity to protect our waterways from contamination.

The BQ, Greens, Liberals, and NDP claim to be ardent environmentalists when climate change, carbon emissions, or pipelines are up for debate. When given the opportunity to prevent environmental damage to our waterways, they are hypocrites who let polluter friends off the hook.

They are limousine liberals, never there for the heavy lifting. Remember that when these actors are pleading for your vote in the next federal election.

They certainly do not represent you or me.