Jul. 25, 2021

Quebec nixes LNG plant for Western Canadian natural gas

The Quebec government has refused to approve construction of a liquified natural gas (LNG) facility in the Saguenay, north of Quebec City, following years of opposition from citizens, Indigenous communities and environmental experts.
    The decision, announced Wednesday by Environment Minister Benoit Charette, effectively kills a $14-billion project that would have carried natural gas from Western Canada across Quebec to the Saguenay port, then shipped it to markets overseas. CBC report   

This insanity has to stop. The Quebec has no authority over exports from other provinces, nor does it have jurisdiction over interprovincial works.

Indigenous band support is bought by foreign non-profit environmental groups funded by American energy giants who do not want competition from Canada, which will hurt their profits.

The federal government is failing us by not stepping up to its constitutional responsibility to oversee interprovincial works or works that are in one province but benefit Canada.

The brain-dead politicos in Ottawa and Quebec City don’t see the irony or hypocrisy of creating environmental regulations that punish Canadians for exporting energy to nations without proof that carbon emissions will reduce. These same nations have to reduce emissions to make their unrealistic efforts to reduce the effects of climate change work.

For a nation wallowing in trillion-dollar debt resulting from the mismanagement of the coronavirus epidemic response, it is impractical not to welcome the infrastructure investment and ongoing income from exports. We are governed by idiots with no connection to the world the governed live in or the concept of actions and consequences.

We need a version of the American revolution where we insist that our governments adhere to our constitution and reinstate democracy accountable to the people. The current crop of MPs might as well reside in Europe for all the connection they have with the man on the street. We endure taxation without representation in Canada. When governments contend that their spending is too confidential to share with the people, we live in a banana republic.