Jul. 31, 2021

The pandemic response killed what makes us human

The lockdowns used as a response to the coronavirus epidemic show little sign of letting up. “Two weeks to slow the spread” and “15 days to flatten the curve” were lies when they were spoken. They quickly morphed into months, then into years.
A dishonest media, which functions as the propaganda wing of the governing Liberals, bears the brunt of the blame for the devastation caused by a destructive overreaction to COVID.
Through its fear-mongering, the media has transformed a relatively normal influenza epidemic into an all-purpose bogeyman to instill terror into those willing to trade everything that makes us joyfully human for the imaginary security of a slave’s chains.
The current virus death count, generously defined as the death of anyone who dies having tested positive before death, stands at roughly 26,550, or 0.07% of our population. Using “cases” (the new benchmark), there have been 1,430.300 cases in Canada or 3.7% of our population. Of that number, 1.8% died. The media ignores the 1,397,400 people who have recovered.
Music, art, dance, theatre, and motion pictures are closer to death than the elderly with comorbidities who make up a significant share of deaths attributed to COVID. Public gatherings are forbidden except for minority group protests.  
Other victims are the hospitality sector, hotels, restaurants, and bars, which have long been the targets of climate change lunatics. Our churches and synagogues, which militant atheists have long wished to shutter, are closed.
Our entire public life, the things that make life worth living, has been shut down, ruined, or put out of business. If everything reopens, it will be under the conditions of the “new normal,” which means that governments will never allow us to regain full freedoms and rights again unless we demand our freedoms.
The notion of “social distancing,” which has cruelly separated individuals and generations, affects our humanity’s essence.  For centuries we have regarded the forced separation of families with horror.  Instructing people to consider their fellow human beings as virus-infected nightmares who can kill them is reprehensible. Hollywood could not script a better horror movie.
Children have learned the most helpful lesson the ruling class behind these monstrous policies could hope for: fear, obedience, and submission. Has it been worth it? By any unemotional and rational consideration, the answer is no.
This seems a cruel question, to which a cruel trade-off must be the answer. Societies have been making that choice since the beginning of history. After a year and a half of COVID, during which we have surrendered our freedoms, rights and way of life to a handful of intellectually mediocre and morally bereft bureaucrats, primarily unelected, what have we got to show for it?
We lived under house arrest while COVID case counts continued to rise without pause. Governments are making it up as they go. When governments seek refuge through the arrival of COVID vaccines to save their political careers, we know their virus containment efforts failed.
Governments must demonstrate why they must continue suppressing our constitutional freedoms and rights. They have not contained COVID. Their warnings that lifting restrictions will result in massive increases in infections are not credible. Governments spent a year and a half lying to us, suppressing information and fear-mongering. They have lost our trust.