Aug. 11, 2021

But wait, we can't do that - Part II

The mask debate is raging on in social and mainstream media. Nothing less than a properly fitted N-95 medical-grade mask is fully effective. Everyday use of three-ply ‘medical’ masks is effective if properly worn, but many are not. Single-layer cloth masks without a proper plastic liner are not useful, while scarves and single-layer cloth masks in prevalent use are as effective as using a screen door to keep the rain out. There are no standards for COVID masks. When masks are mandated, there should be standards for the masks used. See this article.

But wait – we can’t admit that.
Governments who mandated mask use for over a year can’t admit they are used as a placebo designed to make people feel comfortable while effectively unprotected. If you disagree, find me a peer-reviewed scientific study that proves cloth masks effectively screen COVID aerosol droplets.

Social distancing is anything but social. Separating family members and separating us from long-term friends and acquaintances is as anti-social as we can get. The policies and regulations are contrary to everything we learned growing up and our instincts as humans.

There is a sinister aspect to enforced isolation. It makes people more vulnerable to a steady media stream of frightening COVID news. Without the conversations and debates in a free society, individuals are more prone to believe whatever they are told without the usual skepticism.   

For a year and a half, we have been prevented from showing our admiration, love and respect for those we hold dearest and to what end?
The idiots in residence are warning us of “a fourth wave of COVID infections of the unvaccinated” and “that vaccinated people can still get a COVID infection.”

Infection specialists who spend most of their time in offices or laboratories are suddenly sought after for interviews and exercise enormous powers over governments and society.

“The aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”  - H. L. Mencken

Oh, what a tangled web they weave . . . . .   
The web of lies we have been given by governments since COVID first appeared is collapsing.

How is it possible that we were so unprepared for a contagious virus? It is not the first we have encountered, nor will it be the last.

Why did we not have contingency plans in place?

If COVID vaccines are 95% effective, why is a remote possibility of infection of the fully vaccinated a grave concern?

With 69.4% of all eligible Canadians (age 12+) fully vaccinated, why the urgent push for 100%? The game of continually moving the goalposts has become irritating.

The reliability of PCR tests used to screen for COVID is questionable. Why have governments demanding tests from contact tracing not commented on the issue? 

Why are recovery rates (recoveries/recoveries + deaths) running at 98.13% unless case totals, including active cases, are padded with false PCR positive test results?

Why don’t governments track recoveries closely? We regularly have a province suddenly make periodic adjustments of several hundred recoveries or reductions in deaths or cases. The focus is on case counts, which is misleading. Case counts minus deaths, minus recoveries, equal actual change.

If COVID is so deadly, why are reported deaths (26,663 as of 07 Aug 21) only 1.85% of total cases reported and 0.07% of our population?

If COVID is as significant and urgent a concern as the mainstream media portrays, why have most provinces stopped updating COVID statistics on weekends?

When COVID masks are mandated, why is there no standard for masks that protect the wearer and others?

Why are Canadians with medically approved treatments still ‘on hold’ while COVID patients receive priority? Governments and the media never mention that. The discrimination is repulsive.

Why do we not have media independent of government? Our Charter guarantees us a free press – free from government coercion. Reporting over the past 18 months indicates otherwise.

Finally, here is a bombshell for you. The effects on children and teens are devastating. Government policies are removing hope and replacing it with anxiety and depression. That is unacceptable.