Aug. 15, 2021

Election is all about dodging accountability for Trudeau

The September 20 Federal election is mainly to protect Trudeau from accountability for a disastrous five-year ten-month reign. On September 20, he will only have served a bit less than half of his current four-year term, but the long list of accountability evasions has caught up with him.  

Prime Minister Trudeau is devoid of compassion and ethics. People are objects to be disparaged, manipulated, and, when not useful to his objectives – denigrated and discarded. He gets rid of ethical people who oppose his dictates.

Trudeau is at once everyone and no one. He dons and sheds a dozen different characters in a single day, depending on location and audience. In June, parliament was too toxic to function. Today, the election is all about giving us a choice.  There is no depth or substance to the roles that he plays. It is all a stage show, and like any actor, Trudeau leaves the last character he played in the dust while preparing for his next role. He wants us to vote confidence in a constantly changing persona.   

The people who provide Trudeau with his cues are dangerous. Incrementally, they have turned the Prime Minister’s Office into a fortress protecting him from accountability. Trudeau thus wields unlimited power and, like other tyrants, is corrupt.

There is only one need for an early election. Trudeau’s handlers want a majority government. Then they don’t have to make deals with the Bloc Quebecois or the NDP to stay in power. They have tightened their grip on the Canadian media with another $61 million in “emergency relief” to media outlets – and won’t tell us which outlets they subsidized.

That’s a sleazy method of bolstering Liberal election campaign coffers at taxpayer expense.

The Liberals are hauling out the hoary gun violence charade, pointing out that gun violence is epidemic and promising to keep us all safe from guns. The Liberals refused to accept longer sentences for criminals who employ guns in their crimes. Instead, Liberals prefer to harass law-abiding gun owners.

Mandating COVID vaccines for government employees and entities governed by the federal government directly attacks the Charter.

  • Sections 2 (a) & (b) guarantee the right to freedom of conscience and religion and the freedom of thought, belief, expression and opinion.
  • Section 7 guarantees the security of the person.

Liberals wring their hands over an epidemic of drug overdose deaths but refuse to be accountable for the high levels of anxiety and depression created by their destruction of our economy. The culprits are drug dealers adding fentanyl and carfentanyl to street drugs. They cannot add safe levels of these lethal opioids to the drugs they sell. Any dealer caught with drugs containing those substances should be charged with multiple counts of attempted murder and on conviction receive life imprisonment.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, who has been supporting Trudeau for the past two years, wants to outspend Trudeau. He wants Cadillac level health care for everyone, which makes no sense when we have health care systems across the nation that can’t handle population needs, let alone the COVID crisis. We need to spend on health care basics before we can expand the system. There are tens of thousands ‘on hold’ for required medical procedures because COVID treatment was prioritized over everything else, and many of the same people have no family doctor.

However, a vote for the NDP is one less for the Liberals and thwarts the Liberal desire for a majority.  

If Trudeau has his way, giving him a majority government will ensure the loss of our freedoms, beginning with our freedom of expression. He doesn’t want to be questioned, let alone have to dodge, weave and obstruct when his latest corruption or stupidity becomes public.

Those who vote for Liberals give up freedoms for the security of Liberal promises, which are rarely kept. They will find neither security nor freedoms.

Trudeau’s promises and misspending of our tax dollars are the velvet glove covering the iron fist of a dictator determined to make us slaves to the World Economic Forum and United Nations. To those organizations, a free democracy is an obstacle to their socialist aims and objectives.   

Our government has become a circus run from the monkey cage, and we, the people, are mere spectators.

If you want to change that, ensure that you vote and hold the Liberals to a minority position. If we are aggressive, we can move them to third place standing. We have nothing to lose by doing so.