Aug. 20, 2021

Trudeau warns of consequences for public servants who duck vaccines

Having an unethical, scandal-ridden Prime Minister threaten federal employees with ‘repercussions’ if they don’t abide by his dictates is sickening. Trudeau and his handlers have blundered from one scandal to the next for six years without holding anyone to account for unethical or illegal practices.

Trudeau says “public service” dropped online message saying unvaccinated bureaucrats could get tests instead.

John Paul Tasker of CBC News wrote Aug. 17:  Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said today the government will demand that virtually all federal public servants get a COVID-19 shot — and warned of workplace repercussions for those who defy the rule.

Trudeau pushed back against Conservative claims that the government’s vaccination policy is not all that different from what their leader, Erin O’Toole, has proposed to ensure the safety of federal workplaces.

“We’re unequivocal that civil servants must be vaccinated. If anyone doesn’t have a legitimate medical reason for not getting fully vaccinated — or chooses to not get vaccinated — there will be consequences,” Trudeau said, without explaining what sort of punishment a bureaucrat could face for shunning the vaccine.
The Treasury Board Secretariat — the central government agency that is nominally the employer of all public servants — posted a letter online recently saying bureaucrats who refuse vaccination can instead undergo rapid testing before starting a shift. O’Toole, who is firmly opposed to mandatory vaccination, has proposed a similar policy, saying all Canadians should be allowed to choose whether they get vaccinated.

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Governments, businesses and organizations that insist that workers get vaccinated are skating on thin ice. While emergency measures are in place, demanding vaccinations is only marginally justifiable to keep workplaces safe. Justifying the discrimination is questionable when alternatives, such as rapid testing are readily available.

Prime Minister Trudeau considers himself far above the unwashed riff-raff he governs and not subject to the same rules. His lack of character helps explains why he is a disaster as a leader of our nation.

Canadians are our nation. Those of us who have had family here for generations mingle with immigrants and refugees in a beautiful mixture of camaraderie, laughter, life and love. We have a reputation as generous friends and formidable enemies.

Government efforts to fracture our society along ethnic, colour and other lines have worked to a point, but we are a people who believe in equality of opportunity and fair dealings for all.

When our Prime Minister burbles in public about budgets that balance themselves a “post-national world,” “peoplekind, “ “she-covery,’ “she-cession,’ and the latest – “I don’t think about monetary policy” it is clear that he is nothing more than a shallow smart-ass; a living, breathing intellectual wasteland.

He doesn’t even realize that he was spanked in 2019 when his majority became a minority. His sense of entitlement underscores the current election, which is an effort to “set things right” with another Liberal majority.

It seems a more severe spanking is in order.