Sep. 7, 2021

You are not a victim, Mr. Trudeau

Prime Minster Trudeau is having a rough ride on the campaign trail. Jeering, rude protestors dog him. He considers having some gravel tossed at him violent. A violent mob would burn down his house with him inside. Mobs are not a forgiving lot.

Over the past six year, people have suffered uncounted acts of elitist dictates, most of which had been detrimental to their security and well being. Millions are deeply concerned over their futures and resentful that they have lost control over their personal lives.

The last two years have been particularly bad.

The pot has boiled over. Anxious, bewildered, hurt, and fearful people are hitting back at the Prime Minister as a symbol of their frustrations. Vaccines are a side issue. Coerced and forced vaccines are the most visible symbol of their loss of control over their lives. No jab, no job invites a strong reaction.

Efforts to contain COVID spread got off on the wrong foot. People were not given information on the virus. They were told that the virus was contagious and deadly, and that they would be required to isolate at home. To make sure, all non-essential business were closed, throwing millions out of work.

The people were never asked to assist; to join in the effort. Regulations became more draconian as time passed. Each new regulation made people feel more powerless, less able to find a path to an acceptable future.

Income replacement programs were slow to come and piecemeal. They helped people who did not need help and missed many who did.

There comes a point when people reject assurances that the government can fix a problem when experience screams they cannot. 

Catharine Tunney of CBC News reported the PM saying  'We will not let them win,' Trudeau says after being pelted with gravel during campaign stop’

The story headline is incendiary. “They” are people eligible to vote and who Trudeau is sworn to serve. When a PM pours gasoline on a fire, he can expect to be singed.

Drawing a parallel between himself and stressed health care workers is disgusting. People protest at police stations because police have been commanded to issue tickets to people who violate COVID regulations and at hospitals because of an unrelenting media campaign to have doctors insist everyone must be vaccinated. The unrelenting pressure has led to open rebellion.
Some protests are unwise, in part because the usual suspects infiltrate a peaceful protest and stir up people and partly because anxious, fearful people don’t act rationally.