Sep. 16, 2021

The deceptions and lies are incredible

When one is appointed Prime Minister, he is given immense powers. He also assumes great and grave responsibilities for the safety, security and well-being of Canada and her people.

Every person living in Canada is entitled to the same respect, opportunities and treatment without discrimination.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promises to lead our economic recovery. That is an enormous lie.

Trudeau promised to put us back on the world map. His efforts led to one diplomatic disaster after another. He was given the bum’s rush in China. He was chastised in the Philippines. He insulted the government of India. Relations with America have never been worse.

When the COVID pandemic hit, Trudeau was in Africa, campaigning for a seat on the United Nations Security Council at taxpayer expense estimated at $2 million and growing at the time. He did not get that accomplished either.

Trudeau claims he was there for us during the COVID pandemic. Trudeau imposed house arrest for healthy people and closed non-essential services creating an economic crisis and a personal financial crisis for millions.

That is not ‘being there for us.’

Trudeau was not there for military veterans seeking pensions they are entitled to and medical help.

Trudeau was not there for Indigenous girls and women.

Trudeau was not there for Indigenous and Metis people.

Trudeau was not there for our allies In Afghanistan.

Trudeau is there for his friends and supporters; SNC-Lavalin, Bombardier, WE, the Aga Khan, to name a few, all done with dubious ethics, and scandals followed by denials and stonewalling when he was called out.

Trudeau is not governing a country. He is operating a graft and protection racket for friends, financial supporters and globalists.

How will Trudeau be there for us in the future?

Like a snowball in July.