Oct. 11, 2021

Trudeau's era of chaotic instability

Summarizing the Trudeau era of governance, shortly reaching its sixth anniversary, is difficult. It was evident from the outset that Trudeau intended to reshape Canada and our society into his vision and version of our nation.

Trudeau’s handicap is a lack of life experience. He has led a sheltered life with people of influence, money and power. He has never had to concern himself about the affordability of education or seeking employment to afford necessities. Consequently, he has no idea how the middle class breathes, lives and survives.

Trudeau is in love with ideology and concepts of how the world could be better run. He aspires to the idea of absolute centralized control of a nation and, in turn, the world. He is an unabashed globalist.

Leftists ignore the lifespan of dictatorships. The USSR collapsed after 69 years in power. The Communist Party of China has wielded power for 72 years and is showing signs of severe distress. Cuba has been communist for 56 years and is facing internal rebellion. Chili went from an American rival for economic power in the early 1900s to an economic basket case today, thanks to government programs such as free full medical coverage and minimum incomes that far outstripped revenues. We are on the same path.     

Mr. Trudeau is unfamiliar with action and consequences. We have learned that bad decisions lead to dire consequences. Trudeau is focused on world issues and lacks the discipline required to carry out the government’s constitutional responsibilities.

His approach to the COVID pandemic highlights his disdain for domestic issues. The regulations for isolation and lockdowns of non-essential businesses replaced the carefully-laid plans to deal with a pandemic. The plans went in the trash bin as his government had not maintained the infrastructure required to implement its strategies.

Locking up the population while allowing essential operations and their employees exception from the regulations is the equivalent of creating a peeing section in a swimming pool, as our governments belatedly discovered. Essential services employ hourly workers who cannot afford unpaid time off. Many of them are in frequent contact with members of the public. Those who came to work with symptoms of COVID infected others.

The shocks have come at a dizzying pace.

The shut-down of the oil and gas sector created waves of unemployment from coast to coast. Every other industry in our economy was affected. The oil and gas sector is usually portrayed as a drilling rig or a pipeline under construction which is misleading. The sector requires enormous support from every other sector, from steel foundries to pump and valve manufacturers to the restaurants and food trucks that provide meals for employees. Workers in all support and supply lines lost jobs.

The instability caused by the oil and gas sector caused investment in Canadian operations and start-ups to flee. Much more than the oil and gas business is involved. Investors asked themselves what sector was next and decided the guesswork was too risky.

People arbitrarily tossed on the unemployment scrap heap wondered if it could get worse. It did.

Back to the COVID crisis. Our government was unprepared for the consequences of its lockdown approach. Wails of people suddenly without income due to government decree would have gone unheeded, except that too many lived in vote-rich Ontario and Quebec.

The government began responding. First, it tried broad-brush approaches, but too many people fell through the cracks, so it made a series of amendments. Its efforts to contain virus spread continued to fail, so income replacement programs were extended.

This increased anxiety and fear in society. People were dependent on government subsidies to cover necessities and had no guarantee they would continue until COVID was conquered. The on-again, off-again business closures added to insecurity.

Business owners complain that they cannot engage replacement staff now that COVID regulations have been partially relaxed. They tend to blame income replacement policies for the lack of response to their ‘help wanted’ efforts.

Workers are wary of re-employment. They were dumped due to closures and had to scramble to find alternative incomes. Wages disappeared, but costs of living did not. They cannot guarantee that a business will not be shut down again if they return to their former trade.

The federal government orchestrates this whole charade. All of the income replacement policies are co-ordinated with the provinces. You can bet that the feds tell provinces to go along with their policies or face closure of the income support programs. That is coercion that has become central to federal government operations.

The latest Trudeau decree to mandate vaccinations is a natural next step in ratcheting up control over our society. Parliament is not in session, so it cannot be a government decree. It turns out to be less than billed. It only applies to core departments and not agencies and other entities such as Canada Post. The swimming pool effect is still in play.

Trudeau’s demand that all members of Parliament be vaccinated is a severe overreach. Trudeau does not own Parliament; he is a sworn servant. Decreeing on parliamentary operations is not his decision. His statement that all LPC candidates were fully vaccinated as a condition of LPC support violates our constitution.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 3: “Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in an election of members of the House of Commons or of a legislative assembly and to be qualified for membership therein.”

We will continue to live in chaos as long as the village idiot the LPC chose as its leader remains in place.