Oct. 28, 2021

The new cabinet, a media frenzy over a non-event

There is nothing significant about the new Trudeau cabinet. The speculation is nonsense. 

Trudeau and his minions will carry on a campaign of strategies and deception that have replaced parliamentary democracy.
The people of Canada are designated as masses to be managed, manoeuvred and manipulated. We are pawns on the Liberal government chessboard; nothing more.
Consider that no federal government department scores higher than a D-. Several vital departments, Defence, Health, Indigenous Services and Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Public Safety and Veteran’s Affairs, score a dismal F.
The cabinet announcement is a filler to buy time until parliament (finally) reopens November 22.
Trudeau’s gushing about new directions lacks credibility. Departments graded F above have not changed in approach for over 50 years.
There is much angst over an unequal, rigged equalization program.
I am in a minority that believes equalization, as spelled out in our constitution, is a good thing.
Equalization and Regional Disparities
Commitment to promote equal opportunities 
36 (1)  Without altering the legislative authority of parliament or of the provincial legislatures, or the rights of any of them with respect to the exercise of their legislative authority, parliament and the legislatures, together with the government of Canada and the provincial governments, are committed to

promoting equal opportunities for the well-being of Canadians;
furthering economic development to reduce disparity in opportunities; and
providing essential public services of reasonable quality to all Canadians.

Commitment respecting public services
36 (2) Parliament and the government of Canada are committed to the principle of making equalization payments to ensure that provincial governments have sufficient revenues to provide reasonably comparable levels of public services at reasonably comparable levels of taxation.

There are two aspects of equalization not well known.
First, in 2018 the federal government unilaterally extended the existing equalization formula until 2024, violating the constitutional principles cited above. Provinces were not consulted or involved. A link to the story.  
Second, the equalization formula is manifestly unfair and too convoluted to be of value in applying the constitutional principles. A study was done in 2016 - ACHIEVING A NATIONAL PURPOSE: Putting Equalization Back on Track highlights the deficiencies and makes 18 recommendations for changes to the formula.  A link to the study (PDF format)

This government routinely ignores constitutional principles and obligations.
Routinely shoved off the government agenda when the election was called were several crises:

The plight of Afghan allies trapped in Afghanistan;
China’s aggressiveness;
Failing health care systems across Canada;
Failure to curb the spread of COVID;
A faltering economy that cannot begin to offset current deficits;
Unprecedented levels of public anxiety and fear leading to overdoes and suicides;
Uncontrolled crime;
Rapidly climbing inflation;
Rampant government corruption; and
A justice system collapsing under its own weight.

When Prime Minister Trudeau is grinning, it is because he had someone or something to blame for his government’s failures and missteps.
The reopening of parliament is drearily predictable. The Throne Speech will be a verbose throw-away, full of pomp and devoid of detail or commitments to anything concrete.    
The Prime Minister will substitute public needs with his personal agenda. First, he will try to paint the Conservatives as unpatriotic for daring to oppose his vaccine mandates. It’s a sideshow intended to distract from real issues the government refuses to face.
Then he will demand that parliament pass his replacement COVID income scheme without delay as he cut off existing programs on Oct. 23, and people are anxious for a replacement.
The opposition, led by the NDP, will demand (expensive) concessions from the Liberals in return for support for the replacement program.
Note that the replacement programs are intended to operate on a sector-by-sector basis, so the government can choose which sectors to support and how strong that support will be. Considering that this government cannot manage its departments, the results will be another disaster.
The “emergency” is deliberate. Opposition parties should table a motion requiring the government to extend programs it cancelled without parliament’s approval in October to the end of the fiscal year (March 31, 2022). Replacement programs can be appropriately vetted when parliament resumes sitting at the end of January.
Parliament shuts down for Christmas on Dec. 17 and is not due to reconvene until Jan.31, 2022. It will be late in the first quarter of 2022 before we know what the government is doing. There is a week’s break in late February and another two-week break in mid-March.
This government has no sense of urgency to keep parliament working on a year-long backlog of essential matters it has been avoiding.

It is painful to watch an unprincipled sham of a government implode, but that appears to be the direction Trudeau is taking.

All we can hope for is an early general election.