Nov. 6, 2021

Trudeau is not entitled to drag us into his fantasies.

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa of True North reports the Liberal government won’t reveal how much taxpayers spent on sending 276 delegates and members of the media to Glasgow, Scotland.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, among those who attended include former environment minister Catherine McKenna who travelled to the event as a VIP. The Department of Environment refused to say if McKenna’s expenses were covered by taxpayers. 

“Canada has taken steps to ensure diverse perspectives are reflected in international forums,” department spokesperson Samantha Bayard told Blocklock’s Reporter. 

McKenna is not listed on the official delegate list according to the outlet, however, she was spotted attending meetings at COP26.

Among those attending alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau include Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, Deputy Environment Minister Thelma Hogan, Assistant Deputy Minister Catherine Stewart, Climate Change Ambassador Patricia Fuller and Climate Change Director Joanna Dafoe. They are also accompanied by 25 advisors and negotiators.

Trudeau’s personal photographer, videographer and speechwriter also travelled to Glasgow with the prime minister. His entourage was also accompanied by 17 press secretaries and communications directors and four CBC reporters.

Two elected Green Party MPs also got to attend. 

While at the conference, Prime Minister Trudeau pledged on Monday that he would cap emissions for Canada’s oil and gas sector. 

“We will limit oil and gas sector emissions today and ensure they decrease tomorrow at the speed and scale needed to reach net zero by 2050,” Trudeau told global leaders in a short speech. 

In response to the announcement, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney told reporters on Tuesday that the idea was “totally unrealistic” and that his province was never consulted on the matter. 

“I don’t know why they would make such an announcement without consulting the province with the most oil and gas reserves in Canada,” Kenney said.
“Their approach seems to be, well it’s totally unrealistic, and their approach, if they were to actually achieve their targets without using these transition technologies, would be devastating to the entire global economy.” FULL REPORT.


Using an average of $7,500 + per person for airfare, accommodations, meals and sundries, the tab would be over $2 million and could easily hit $2.5 million.
The whole reason for the trip is summed up above: “His entourage was also accompanied by 17 press secretaries and communications directors and four CBC reporters.” 
The object of the exercise was for Trudeau to appear relevant at an international conference. He is not considered relevant at home; repulsed, perhaps, but not relevant to our daily lives.
The sheen came off during Trudeau’s first term. The 2015 campaign bus became the blunder bus, lurching from one international disaster to the next. He was not welcomed by other world leaders; he had not ‘earned his stripes.’ Trudeau was in a hurry and thrust himself onto the international stage before he had established credibility at home.
Trudeau’s Canada is back’ slogan backfired. He failed to consider Stephen Harper’s international reputation and refused to acknowledge that Canada had been a serious participant in world affairs for the previous nine years. He also failed to establish himself before rushing onto a stage with seasoned leaders who asked: “And who are you?”
The assumption that his father’s name would open doors and lead to alliances and friendships fizzled. Leaders of democracies earn their way to peer respect. Leaders of other nations who win power through corruption and/or a force of arms dominate COP26. Catering to a pack of starving hyenas is not the road to international stability or healthy first world economies.
The COP26 fixation on “clean energy” is ridiculous. Third world nations desperately need diesel fuel to generate electricity and build infrastructure. They are a long way from electric vehicles. Most need to build bridges and roads for vehicles to run on and need trucks to move produce to market so they can create a viable economy. They need help with the basics – electrical power, water systems, sewer systems, road and rail systems, and export ports.
The poorer nations have nothing to transition from. Many are still cooking food over open fires fuelled by whatever materials they can scrounge. Why is it hard to understand that you can’t start a country or a business by building the third story? Without a solid foundation, going green is a pipe dream that motivate the Trudeau’s of the world. Details matter; principles matter.
Trudeau may have his dreams, but he is not entitled to drag us into his fantasies. He is obliged to protect us from the delusions of the COP26 delegates.

The objective of the IPCC and COP26 mob is to make industrialized nations pay the third world for their success; the socialist dogma about an equal sharing of misery writ large.   
Trudeau was appointed Prime Minister to govern responsibly. He has no mandate except to respect our constitution and institutions. His efforts to avoid accountability over the past six years is evidence that he is not up to the job.