Nov. 14, 2021

The science is settled – COP26 climate show was a disaster

Our federal government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is delusional. The international COP26 gabfest in Glasgow, Scotland, showed us there is no agreement on combating climate change.

Major carbon-emitting nations, notably China and Russia, were not present, and India torpedoed an effort to eliminate coal as fuel by 2030.

The Conference of Parties (COP) consists of the incompetent, appointed by the unwilling to do the unnecessary. The 26th conference broke down in disarray. Leaders were shocked that the delusions they have been promoting for the past 33 years no longer sell.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has referred to the Paris Accord (COP21 – 2015) as a breakthrough and restart of climate combat.

COP21 was also a failure. Parties to the agreement were to suffer substantial penalties for failing to meet carbon reduction commitments, and industrialized nations refused to accept the penalty clauses.

Global warming, which morphed into climate change, has never been about climate change. The original Kyoto Protocol, adopted in December 1997, was a socialist scheme to extract money from industrialized nations to help developing countries. That has not changed.

The Kyoto Protocol very nearly failed, as the IPCC could not find enough nations to sign on to ratify the protocol. With some arm-twisting and special considerations, Iceland and Russia finally signed on to save the protocol from automatic failure in February 2005.

The standard for ratification was not high: not less than 55 Parties to the Convention that accounted for at least 55 % of the total carbon dioxide emissions for 1990. The IPCC brags that there are 192 parties to Kyoto, but it nearly failed to achieve ratification.

Despite assurances from COP26 leaders that delegates concluded with a deal, that is not true. The Glasgow gabfest ended with a watered-down agreement of sorts without the endorsement of key players. China and the US agreed to hold separate talks on climate, which could mean anything. Russia did not participate. India would not agree to phase out coal by 2030.

The IPCC is where it belongs – dressed in rags, sitting on a street corner begging for support.

I would feel differently if the IPCC had not set out to deliberately destroy qualified and reputable scientists for questioning its modelling and projections. Those efforts verified my initial assessment that global warming was an exercise in fraud.

Reputable scientists welcome peer reviews. They publish papers hoping that their peers can duplicate their work and reach the same conclusions. Every scientist, from Galileo to Newton to Einstein, has their work and theories tested repeatedly. That is how our body of knowledge is verified, adjusted as necessary, or expanded by exploring related concepts. Anyone who claims that “the science is settled” is dishonest.

Our federal government does not have the gravitas or scientific insight to lead the world in addressing climate change. Its decisions to cap oil and gas emissions and tax carbon emissions are indefensible. There is nothing Trudeau and his cabinet can do that will have even a minuscule effect on the world’s climate. His delusions of grandeur are harmful to our economy and Canadians.

Climate change is real and has been studied by honest and reputable scientists for decades. None of them have reached conclusions anywhere near the IPCC hypothesis.

I listened to a (CTV) interview with federal Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson Sunday, Nov 14. He talked about the cap on the oil and gas sector emissions and the need to follow the science.

We must challenge Trudeau, Guilbeault, and Wilkinson to provide peer-reviewed Canadian scientific studies supporting the need for emission caps and taxes and verifying the impact of Canadian efforts on the global climate.

The inconclusive COP26 results do not justify spending $5.3 billion over the next five years on international climate finance when we must borrow every dime.

The failure of our opposition parties to stand up for our oil and gas sector and demand accountability from the government is disgusting. We cannot transition from a diesel and gasoline driven economy to anything else in the foreseeable future. Those who think we can have been sniffing the stuff, with a predictable loss of cognitive ability.