Nov. 22, 2021

Nobody is safe when Parliament is in session

I can hear the rumble of shrugs from coast to coast to coast. Most of us feel the same way: “No man’s life, freedom and property are safe while parliament is in session.”

Liberal House Leader Mark Holland said Monday that Canadians expect MPs to “hit the ground running.” He added that he thinks the government can work with the opposition to get four key policies including a paid sick leave plan passed by Christmas.

1. Legislation that will see continued spending on COVID-19 economic supports will be key among those, he said. 

Well, isn’t that just special? The government pulled the rug out from under millions of Canadians and businesses arbitrarily and now are belatedly creating replacement programs. No matter what they do, they will not be sending out cheques before year-end. Merry Christmas to all those Trudeau left in the lurch lined up at food banks. That is genuine Liberal compassion at work.

2. So too will a promised bill to ban protests outside of hospitals in the wake of multiple such protests over recent months by opponents to measures like mandatory vaccine policies.

This is about a cover-up of the inability to deal with COVID. The government has not filed compliance with Charter Section One, which requires that infringement of the Charter be the least possible lawful infringement on rights and freedoms. We have no assurance that vaccine mandates are necessary or will work. Nothing else the government has tried has stopped the spread of the virus.

3. Mandating a 10-day sick leave for all workers in federally regulated workplaces.

Now there is a real game-changer! Most people working in federally regulated workplaces are unionized and already have extensive benefits, including sick leave and family leave not available to the private sector worker. Like most Liberal programs, only the already protected will benefit.

4. Among the four key focuses for the government is a bill banning conversion therapy. 

In the face of millions of Canadians facing economic insecurity, rapidly increasing inflation, rising fuel and heating costs, and dysfunctional health care systems, is conversion therapy a key priority?


The only meaningful legislation proposed is the replacement of COVID subsidies and is only significant because the government arbitrarily cancelled subsidy programs without the consent of parliament.

Canadians need to stand together and tell their Members of Parliament to vote against the Liberal COVID subsidy replacement programs and force a new election. We cannot allow Trudeau’s disdain for our constitution and institutions to continue.

With a dreadfully short (20 day) fall session, government priorities are (1) replacement of its cancelled COVID programs; (2) banning protests against mandatory vaccinations at hospitals; (3) mandating sick leave for federal employees; and (4) banning conversion therapy.

Parliament is not set to reconvene until January 30, 2022.

The Trudeau cabal has no interest in working and retired Canadians. We don’t need them back at the end of January or ever.

A winter housecleaning will give us the needed opportunity for a meaningful spring restart to our lives and livelihoods. We need less governance and more opportunities to invent solutions free from bureaucrats and their endless stream of regulations.

Our freedoms include the freedom to make mistakes, to be wrong and suffer the consequences. Bureaucrats make mistakes, are wrong and then blame us for the results. That must end.