Dec. 6, 2021

Why the Omicron variant response matches its ‘moronic’ anagram.

There is a reason why the Omicron variant response matches its ‘moronic’ anagram.

World ‘leaders’ in politics and medicine appear trapped in hoary traditions and refuse to flex to meet the challenges of emerging contagious diseases.

It is puzzling that despite admitting that little is known about the Omicron variant, numerous nations are treating the variant as far worse than the original COVID, announcing travel restrictions and demanding the testing of incoming foreign travellers. There is no science to support the response.

I recall a doctor intoning the need for regular hand washing. When I think about where my hands wander, I can see the value in hand washing, but COVID has nothing to do with it. Then she advised that masks prevented us from touching our faces. I just finished washing my hands, so how can touching my face be risky? You can’t make this stuff up.

 COVID communications are based on treating us as barely functional morons. Politicians can’t understand why people are not rushing to get vaccines. Twenty months of hysteria, orders, regulations and mandates do not promote cooperation. Demanding that we do not allow friends or family members to visit our homes creates resentment.

Cancelling Easter, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas 2020 and Easter, Canada day and Thanksgiving 2021 will be long remembered and not with fondness. It would have been different if the spread of COVID had been checked, but it wasn’t.

Isolation and lockdowns did not work s expected. Quarantining the majority of the population instead of focusing on the infected, their immediate family and associates had never been tried before. Now we know why, but the damage has been done.

Desperate governments pushed through emergency approvals of vaccines as the only solution to the spread of COVID. The new technology used in developing the vaccines was touted as a significant scientific breakthrough. It’s possible that it’s not living up to the hype and is ineffective.  

The concept behind vaccines is to make us immune to a disease. People with double doses of vaccines are not immunized as expected. Vaccinated people are catching COVID and spreading the illness. The medical response is to recommend booster shots of the same vaccines that failed to provide immunity. Something seems wrong in that approach.

Pharma companies have developed pills that counter the effects of COVID if taken when symptoms first appear. Canada has ordered a few million but is not putting Health Canada approval on the same fast track that vaccines were. That seems odd.

Effective onset pills could keep people isolating at home out of the hospital and those admitted to hospital in early stages out of ICUs, relieving the pressure on our health care systems. Surely that is worthy of pursuing.

Some medications show promise of effective treatment of COVID, among them Ivermectin. The drug is used primarily for animal use and is written off as useless in treating COVID by doctors who state that the medication is only helpful in treating parasites.

COVID is a bit of inert protein that only comes to life in a human host. Once in your body, it replicates rapidly using the moist airways of the nose, sinuses and lungs as a home. The virus itself does not spread except through its host’s exhalations, coughs, and sneezes. Sounds like a parasite. Why are we not pressing for approval of this treatment?

I have been tracing COVID statistics since the beginning. I chose December 1, 2020, as a starting point for one set of stats. That is when we first became aware that the Christmas season 2020 would be cancelled.

A year had passed on November 30. 2021. Here is what I found: