Dec. 5, 2021


Surprisingly, active cases, people who had tested positive for COVID have reduced by 40,812. We have fewer people who will wind up in hospital or die. Sadly, 17,476 people lost their lives during the year. The number of recoveries exceeded the case totals.

Day after day, the media reports any increase in case totals as “new infections.” Case totals are the accumulation of active cases, recoveries and deaths. The number to watch is the active cases. When that number increases, we are in trouble.

Politicians and doctors focus on case totals to give an inflated picture of how serious a threat COVID is. For example, the media reports that Ontario had an increase in COVID cases of 887 today (December 6). That is the increase in total cases.

Ontario reported three additional deaths, 560 recoveries and an increase of 324 new active cases. The actual new infections were 36.5% of the number reported in the media. I wonder why that is allowed and promoted.