Dec. 8, 2021

Liberals admit electric cars impractical and 'not realistic at this time'

Memo contradicts a government plan to make 80 per cent of federal vehicles emit zero emissions by 2030.

The Post Millennial reported on Dec. 2 that the federal Department of Industry has admitted in an internal memo that the promotion of electric cars is impractical, according to Blacklock's Reporter. 

Officials within the department said that in spite of climate goals, it would be entirely unrealistic to make all their vehicles electric. "While an accelerated plan to shift entirely to green energy net-zero emissions is appealing, it is not realistic at this time," wrote the memo.

* * * * * 

Electric cars do not generate electricity. They contain a huge dry cell, rechargeable storage battery that must be charged with electricity from outside the car. Since 40% of the world’s electricity is generated by coal-fired generating stations, it follows that electric cars are 40% coal-fired.
The wet cell batteries used in conventional vehicles are almost entirely recycled. Dry cell batteries cannot be recycled and will eventually break down and leak toxic heavy metals into the earth and possibly contaminate drinking water reservoirs.
Electric cars cannot be built without aluminum and carbon fibre for lightweight bodies and components to reduce weight and extend range. Manufacture of those material requires a lot of energy.
Electric vehicles need petroleum products for lubricants, wiring insulation, tires, shock absorbers, computer circuit boards and other components. They need the equivalent of a toaster oven built in to make the cars usable in winter temperatures and providing winter heat shortens the vehicle’s range.
Our electrical service grids are not designed to handle recharging of thousands of electrical vehicles and will require a massive restructure to accommodate such a change.
The concept of all-electric vehicles is enticing but impractical. At present, an electric car is the equivalent of high end conventional cars. They are expensive to own and maintain, don’t have an advantage over less expensive and practical cars and are not environmentally friendly to manufacture. If anything the rare metals used in electric car batteries require more environmental damage to produce and eventually become an unrecyclable environmental nightmare.
Reality bites and environmentalists are not immune.