Dec. 10, 2021

Cities are taking the lead on climate — and it’s just the beginning

David Miller, a Toronto Star Contributor posted the following in the newspaper on Dec. 2.

“Recent natural events in British Columbia ­– unprecedented heat and flood levels not seen in 500 years – have brought home the reality of climate change to Canadians. It’s clear that we must do everything in our power to act now.

“We can simply no longer wait for national governments to take the lead. That sense of urgency is how we must view the just concluded COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. The scientific fact is that we must contain the rise in our planet’s average temperature to 1.5 C. To achieve this target, we essentially have to cut emissions of greenhouse gases in half by 2030: in nine years.

And he goes on further. His full comment in the TORONTO STAR.

Like other puffed-up, self-important politicians, Miller has no power over the earth’s climate or climate changes.

It is irritating that major cities that have proven incapable of sound urban planning and have allowed their infrastructure to deteriorate for decades are claiming high ground on combatting climate change.

Carbon is an essential element of all life forms. Without carbon, we perish.

There is no “scientific fact is that we must contain the rise in our planet’s average temperature to 1.5 C.”  It is an unproven hypothesis never put before the scientific community for peer review. We have no concrete evidence that reducing carbon emissions will accomplish anything.

Fighting climate change is a political fantasy designed to hide the objective of transferring wealth from the first world to the third world.

Miller’s frantic arm-waving call to action is a distraction from the Four Horsemen of addictions, health care, housing and homelessness destroying the city.

The idea that the City of Toronto can lead the way to slay an imaginary climate change dragon is preposterous. Politicians worldwide use this ploy to avoid the drudgery of dealing with their responsibilities for local issues. 

Toronto is infamous for shipping its garbage to the Philippines rather than dealing with it locally. That is a pressing environmental issue clearly in the hands of the City of Toronto and a topic worthy of an arm-waving call to arms. We have the technology developed in Singapore available.

Governments at all levels are ramping up efforts to interfere in primary free enterprise creating an unhealthy and unholy climate for the entrepreneurs who drive our economy. The result is that Canada is a no-go zone for investors who cherish independence and control over their investments.

We are on a forced march to oblivion as a free enterprise democratic nation.