Parksville-Qualicum candidates

  • B.C. Greens

    Rob Lyon
    Awaiting more information

  • B.C. Liberals

    Candidate Michelle Stilwell
    Campaign Manager
    Craig Dutton
    phone 1-888-217-7572 -
    No office. mobile bus that will circulate the communities.

  • New Democrat

    Adam Walker
    Awaiting more information

  • Conservative

    Don Purdey

  • Independent

    John St John
    606 Doehle Ave. Parksville.
    Home 250-586-0073 
    Cell: 250-927-8934

Stilwell says early election was not necessary

Michelle Stilwell, MLA Parksville-Qualicum

0921 - We all know in our hearts the last thing we need during this pandemic and the pending threat of a second wave is an early election. One year sooner than our fixed term election law sets out.  

I know how much everyone in the Parksville-Qualicum constituency and in British Columbia have worked to protect their family, friends, neighbours and themselves during the pandemic and I am deeply disappointed that John Horgan and the NDP have chosen to put British Columbians at risk by calling an unnecessary early election. They should be fighting COVID19 and spending every waking moment helping the hard-working men and women of British Columbia rebuild our economy. 

This is an unprecedented time and we need a government who puts its citizens first, over political gain.

This government is interested in doing what it thinks is best for the NDP party NOT what we all know is best for BC. We will persevere but important energy and resources will be wasted on John Horgan’s biggest priority; his personal future as leader of the NDP. I look forward to this election and will do my utmost to again win the confidence of voters. 

I am proud and honoured to have served as Parksville-Qualicum’s MLA for seven years. I have ensured the voices of my constituents are heard by government on a range of issues, including the speculation tax, ICBC, and individual cases around health care or being disconnected by BC Hydro. When I can help make a difference for someone, no matter how large or small, it's incredibly rewarding. 

Stay safe, protect yourselves and your family from unnecessary risks and remember while Bonnie Henry has spent the past months protecting all of us, John Horgan has been planning an early election hoping to ride her coattails before the second wave exposes his lack of preparation for economic recovery. 

Independent John St. John has had enough of the status quo

John St. John

John St John has lived in Parksville for 13 years and is the owner of the British Bobby Restaurant with his wife Mary. They have four children (all of wom have worked there), plus seven grandchildren. 

Born into a regular working-class family in England, John’s life has been extraordinary. Right from the get-go he has taken on challenges where angels fear to tread. In a career spanning more than five decades and two continents, John has re-invented himself from a boutique owner in the swinging sixties in England, country inn/hotel manager, commercial photographer, limousine driver to the rich and famous and much more. Throughout his life, he has witnessed events and situations that most people could only ever dream about, involving hundreds of Celebrities, Sports Stars, British and Canadian Governments, Foreign Ambassadors, CEO’s, Corporate Executives and Royalty. 

After moving with his family to Canada in 1987, John became the fleet manager of a large Limousine Service in Ottawa. Working with government on a regular basis he, like most people, believed in the status quo and that these people had our best interests at heart. But as the years went by, he soon found out that he was 100 per cent wrong! Having enough of the corruption the family moved to BC in 1999.

 “Like many Canadians I have had enough of government lies and corruption. There’s a famous saying: “The definition of true insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.  

Now is the time to change it and do something different, I know that takes courage, but I also know that we are all in this together, and together we can repair the years of damage done by those who think they own the world. 

Why me? I care about this community, I care about the people and families who built it, I care about the future for our children and I have always had a passion to help others and a strong belief in the values of integrity, honesty and truth. That is why I decided to run for MLA in Parksville-Qaulicum.  I chose to run as an independent, because so many times I have met good politicians who became disheartened when they discovered that the party came first, and the people second. I don’t want to be controlled by lawyers on what I can say and do, my intention is to tell the truth no matter what.”

Conservative candidate running for party supporters

Don Purdey

Don Purdey had not planned on running in Parksville-Qualicum, but when the Conservative candidate dropped out at the last minute, he jumped in because he didn’t want let down many long-time Conservative supporters.  

“I was asked to run. I will do my best. We now have three choices– left, more left and extreme. We need a balanced voice at the table,” he says.      

Purdey and his wife Bev grew up in Haney, now called Maple Ridge. Growing up his family spent time on Vancouver Island.  

“We were fortunate to have the opportunity to move to Nanaimo to open the ECONO Drive – In Store.  I have worked in the food industry, construction, self-employed and retiring after a few years of driving transit buses for the RDN,” says Purdey.

He says Nanaimo has been a great place to raise their family.  He has been President of the Kinsmen Club of Nanaimo, K-40, BC Vintage Car Club, served on the Board of the Child Development Centre.  

Purdey served on the City of Nanaimo Advisory Planning Group for Newcastle Island Park. He enjoys being part of the team that runs the Thursday Night Seniors Dance at Bowen Park.  I am currently a member of the Family Motor Coach Association and the Smokin’Oldies hot rod club.  We only go this way once---take time to have fun every day. 

NDP picks Qualicum councillor Walker as its candidate

Adam Walker

Qualicum Beach town councillor Adam Walker is the NDP candidate for the Parksville-Qualicum riding.

He has lived in the Qualicum Beach area all his life, and was acclaimed as the candidate.

“The people of Parksville-Qualicum are my family, friends and neighbours, and I want to be part of a government that makes life better for them,” said Walker.

Walker has owned and operated tech businesses in the region for more than 15 years. He and his wife operate a small farm and are raising two daughters. Walker has served as a town councillor in Qualicum Beach since 2018.

Walker has taken a leave of absence as a town councillor and deputy mayor for the duration of the campaign. MORE

Greens pick retired naval officer in Parksville-Qualicum

Rob Lyon

The B.C. Green Party has nominated Rob Lyon as its candidate in the Parksville-Qualicum riding.

Lyon is a retired naval officer who now has a construction business, Pacific Passive House based in Cobble Hill, that focuses on building energy-efficient homes.

“I have been a staunch conservative my entire life,” said Lyon. “I have been torn by my love of the outdoors and the economic stability the conservatives brought to government. This week my eyes were opened to the disaster that all political parties have become. The calling of an election for political gain in the midst of a global pandemic is just foolish and irresponsible. It was the straw that forced me to ask, ‘Just who am I anyway?’ My conclusion was that in my heart I am as Green as they come. MORE