Aug. 19, 2019

As I said today on the Roy Green Radio show, the way the Trudeaus treat the Constitution is something to behold.

They seem to be oblivious to what is really operative as it relates to our guiding document. Of course, they really know; it is just that they think they can ignore what does not fit for them and support what does.

Trudeau Sr. violated the Constitution when he thought he could patriate the Constitution unilaterally. Even his buddies on the Supreme Court could not go along with that and ruled his action unconstitutional. They told him in no uncertain terms that the Constitution is both the written and what evolves as custom and practice, known as convention.

Well, not to outdone and in true Trudeau tradition, Trudeau Jr. comes along and thinks he can ignore the Constitutional convention regarding his involvement with the legal processes of the Federal Government and try to interfere with decisions of the Prosecution Service and the Attorney General. The Ethics Commissioner in his report concerning these actions found that Trudeau Jr. had violated the principles of the Shawcross doctrine that had become the practice/custom — convention in Canadian legal circles.

What is it with the Trudeaus? And more to the point, what’s with those Canadians who still support such unconstitutional behaviour?

Brian Peckford is a former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, living in retirement on Vancouver Island.

Aug. 15, 2019

With the release of the Ethics Commissioner’s report on Justin Trudeau and his actions concerning SNC Lavalin, and just as importantly, the reaction to it, Canada is now officially a corrupt nation.

Those who wish to argue this point, in and of itself, proves my point.

How else to interpret these recent events?

The report:

A. Clearly demonstrates that Justin Trudeau broke the law. This was not the first time. Trudeau broke the law four other times according to the Ethics Commissioner. Remember the visit to the tropical Island with his wealthy friend? Of course, it wasn’t his friend, he said. You just visit people on their tropical island at their expense because they are generous strangers, don’t you?

B. That contrary to Trudeau’s promises all the information was not provided to the Commissioner that he requested. Hence the country does not know the full story. No transparency here.

C. Trudeau is still in denial mode. In other words he believes he did nothing wrong. No apologies. He is entitled. The swamp in full colour!

D. The sheer nature of the nefarious enterprise of collusion with SNC Lavalin is greater as a result of this report than anyone had imagined. The meetings between Trudeau’s office and the lawyers for SNC Lavalin continued AFTER the Prosecution Service had made a decision.

These are very grave actions of commission: violating our law, obstruction of justice, withholding vital information, and denying wrong doing in the face of objective determination.

My headline referenced the words Canada and Nation.

That was deliberate. Because it is not just a corrupt federal government but many of the leadership of this nation seem to be enablers in what is happening.

Are the written press calling for Mr. Trudeau to resign?

Does one not think that a leader who breaks the law five times and colludes with a corrupt company, withholds information, should loose his job? Well not many it seems.

The written press have been rather soft: John Ibbiston says the people will decide, hardly taking a side on corruption. The Globe and Mail newspaper provides a timeline for all this SNC Lavalin stuff. Nothing more that I can find. John Ivison talks about that this shows Trudeau’s nasty side, nothing about the corrupt nature of it all. CTV talks of Trudeau breaking the Conflict of Interest Act. And so it goes. Of course, billion-dollar public subsidy CBC will squirm out some platitudes: Is Trudeau To Take Another Hit In the Polls? And just now, can you believe it, they are carrying a story on how the Ethics Commissioner and Trudeau differ regarding SNC Lavalin! Moral equivalency – the Ethics Commissioner on the same level with the PM who is a law breaker!

There might even be a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee to see whether the Committee should have a meeting on this affair. How bloody Canadian is that?

There is no consternation, no call for resignation in light of this corruption.

Of course, the written press has a $700 million fund to disperse compliments of this government. So how critical will they be? Hey, when you take the money you leave yourself open to be attacked, don’t you? And here is exhibit A . This print media is no longer objective; taking the money taints the whole enterprise.

Is there any national body that is calling for Trudeau to resign? Where are the universities, their Presidents — those paragons of virtue dispensing their wisdom to the multitudes — where is their progressivism now? Oh, but they are getting research grants from the federal government.

And the Provinces ? Last time I looked Five Provinces receive equalization from the federal government and Newfoundland and Labrador which technically does not receive equalization is nevertheless in serious financial difficulty. So one can’t count on many of them to say much. Of course, they all get billions of federal social transfers.

And even the Opposition is only asking for a Parliamentary Committee meeting. You know, the committee that was already shut down to stop anything more from being released on the SNC Lavalin Affair, the Liberals having the majority. So don’t hold your breath on that. The Liberals will find a way to finagle this until it is far off the front page, which it is almost the case already.

I get sick to my stomach when I read the Ethics report. Is this my country?

This corruption is treated like just another news story. Illegal behaviour at the highest levels of our federal government, no matter how bad, seems to find itself with that of the common place. It is entering our DNA it seems.

In rural Newfoundland many years ago I was a social worker. Early one summer morning I was walking on the town path near the beach. Just below, off the path, mending his nets was an aged fisherman. The sun was just peaking over the horizon. I shouted to the man: "Great morning, skipper?"

Replying he said: "Yes me son, she’s split right abroad."

And so is Canada, but it is late evening and the sun is going down.

Brian Peckford is a former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, living in retirement on Vancouver Island.

Aug. 14, 2019
And now it’s five rotten potatoes. Five times our Princeling has broken the conflict of interest laws. 
Imagine if this was Trump — that foreigner that Canadians like to talk about!
Almost every one I talk to mentions Trump — not our dear Princeling — a foreign leader comes before our own leader. Condemnation based on rumour is fact on Trump but fact by independent Conflict of Interest Ethics Commissioner is dismissed on Trudeau. 
Imagine if CNN and MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, if they had this juicy material. They would have all gone bonkers by now— 24/7 coverage– the Republic would be finished. 
Methinks we have a big, big problem here in ‘honest Canada’.
Is it a defensive mechanism to ignore Trudeau’s law breaking or what is going on in this country? 
One thing is for sure. Judy Wilson-Raybould has been vindicated. Big Time!
The Ethics Commissioner said:
I find that Mr. Trudeau used his position of authority over Ms. Wilson-Raybould to seek to influence her decision on whether she should overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions' decision not to invite SNC-Lavalin to enter into negotiations towards a remediation agreement. Because SNC‑Lavalin overwhelmingly stood to benefit from Ms. Wilson-Raybould's intervention, I have no doubt that the result of Mr. Trudeau's influence would have furthered SNC-Lavalin's interests. The actions that sought to further these interests were improper since the actions were contrary to the constitutional principles of prosecutorial independence and the rule of law.
For these reasons, I find that Mr. Trudeau contravened section 9 of the Act."
How do you like those potatoes? 
Trudeau Senior suspended our freedoms , inflated our debt, attacked Alberta’s right to their oil and gas , broke a promise to the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador , initiated wage and price controls , attempted to unilaterally change our constitution———
Trudeau Junior is continuing in this tradition by breaking his promises: one, to balance the budget, rather to increase it by tens of billions of dollars, and two, to run a transparent, ethical government. Furthermore he has imposed carbon taxes, helping to undermine the oil and gas industry by contributing to the demise of the energy east and Northern Gateway projects, spending billions on Trans Mountain pipeline, engaging in international initiatives that have the potential to see decisions concerning our country being made by outsiders, entertaining ideas that could limit our freedom of speech, and otherwise embarrassing our country internationally with his adolescent behaviour. 
Enough already! Justin Trudeau does not deserve to be Prime Minister of this nation.
Brian Peckford is a former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, living in retirement on Vanccouer Island
Aug. 5, 2019
Aug. 5, 2019 - I just happened to browse some news sites this morning. One was National Newswatch and they were carrying a story from Global News. 
Climate deadline more like 18 months instead of 12 years, some experts say
What deadline? What experts? I went to find out. The article refers to people implied as experts.
One is Ian Mauro, University of Winnipeg. They call him a climate scientist. I looked for the information available at the University on this person. He is in the Department of Geography, Associate Professor. He teaches: Courses: GEOG-1102(3) Intro Human Geog I, GEOG-2503(3) Manitoba Physical & Human Environment. Hardly "climate science".
Then there are the publications he is associated with:
Chatwood, S., F. Paulette, R. Baker, A. M. A., Eriksen, E. L. Hanset, H. Eriksen, V., Hiratuska, J. Lavoie, W. Lou, I. Mauro, J. Orbinski, N. Pambrun, H. Retallack,  and A. Brown. 2017. Indigenous values and health systems stewardship in circumpolar countries. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. doi: 10.3390/ijerph14121462
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None of this is actually on the science of climate!
So why call him a climate scientist? He studies with others the effects of climate. Of course, it is changing like it always has.  
Additionally no academic credentials are provided. There is a Department of Environmental Science and Studies at the University but Mauro is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography. 
Is this what Global News, National Newswatch is suppose to be doing? Creating news stories with dubious sources ? No science, just talking points from people in related fields?
Then the article quotes another so-called expert, Angela Carter of the University of Waterloo. She is a political scientist! Well qualified in her field but it is not in climate science. 
So she’s involved in the policy of the politics of climate not climate science. She says: 
"My research has focused on environmental policy and politics surrounding oil extraction in Canada’s major oil producing provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland And Labrador. I have analyzed how environmental policy is developed and contested, emphasizing tension between environmental/community impacts and economic imperatives. This work was primarily supported by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Strategic Research Grant, “The Environmental Assessment Processes of Canadian 'Frontier' Oil and Gas,” with Drs. Gail Fraser and Anna Zalik at York University's Faculty of Environmental Studies.
I am now extending this work in an international comparative project on supply-side climate policy, focused on political conditions necessary to wind down fossil fuel extraction in developed-world states.  I am particularly intrigued by the rise of “keep it in the ground” movements and legislation."
Neither of these people has any expertise in climate science and extending or reducing the deadline of anything. Yet the headline talks about them being experts and deadlines for carbon emissions — areas completely beyond their fields of expertise. 
Both of these academics should tell Global News their names are used for concepts for which they have no particular expertise. 
This is the state of our press today! This is just one tiny example. Many others abound. That’s all I could do everyday if I had the time and inclination.
How can anyone have an informed opinion on anything anymore if they have to rely on our press?