Jun. 15, 2020


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Jun. 9, 2020

I took BC Ferries this last few days. 

Along the highway I saw a BC Ferries sign that said "avoid travel."

Ever see that before? A travel operation saying "avoid travel"? I knew you hadn’t. 

When I drove aboard the ferry we were quickly told that we had to stay in our vehicles. Could not go and sit in the passenger deck, deck 5. If you had to go to the bathroom, well that was alright, but hurry back. 

Memories of elementary school kept flashing in my head. Was I losing it? You know, I am in my late seventies! No, my wife said. She had heard the same message over the loud speaker 

Of course, not being on time was not a problem, just stay in your place and obey.

A repeat performance on my return, except that the ferry was even later. And this time, not even an acknowledgment of being late, as a matter of fact, no indication at all let alone an apology. Being on the darkened fourth deck a little notice that we had left and approximate time of arrival would be helpful. 

My trip took me to Vancouver, a city much diminished. Granville Island felt tired, the energy gone, a few silent souls seemed lost as they plied the lonely streets. 

On 4th street I entered a supermarket – a cashier with a cloth mask on her face, then another plexiglass mask a few inches away on her face, and then a plexiglass barrier.

Oh, there were no virus cases in BC that day. 

In Horseshoe Bay, there is a little park. Whoops, there’s a sign on the pathway next to the beech – walk single file. Only a few people around , hardly a congested place in busy normal times – and outdoors in the breeze from the water – hardly a hot bed for virus transmission methinks. 

Then after returning home one of the first pieces of news I read. “Beginning June 15, BC Ferries will require all passengers to have a mask with them.”

If this continues it won’t be infection that will take us it will be the drive to madness that this overreach will have caused.

Jun. 9, 2020

The CBC is not alone, many abide in the false bubble about batteries being green. 

In one of its latest attempts to try to show it knows something, CBC produces an article about what to do to restart the economy after the pandemic. That is what green actions can be taken to restart the economy. 

Their first priority, it says, is an electric car charging grid of stations. 

People still believe this is green. And CBC is pushing it.  But this is not green. 

Lithium and cobalt are needed for electric car batteries.  75 per cent of cobalt comes from mines in the Democratic Republic Of The Congo. 

These mines use child labour and their environmental standards are very, very low. 

So what’s green about mining, what’s green about low environmental standards, what’s politically correct about child labour? 

Most Lithium comes from mines in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. Not known as the homes of high environmental standards. And once more we are talking about mining – hardly a green activity. 

So what gives with CBC and its fake green Friends?

 Answer: Following a federal government that, like many other governments around the world, who push wind turbines made of steel, concrete and plastic that kill birds and destroy millions of acres of natural habitat, and solar panels that are made from silicone, metal and glass, and destroy millions of acre of natural habitat. 

Batteries, turbines, and solar panels have become the new trinity in the region of the Greens  where pretend and fantasy rule the day. 

May. 28, 2020

The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.” 
― George Orwell

 Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.” 
― George Orwell

You have heard the phrase ­– one size fits all is wrong?

Well, take Vancouver Island and the Wuhan Virus.
How about a total of 127 cases and 121 recovered , 95 per cent recovery
No new cases.
None in ICU.
One in hospital.
Total hospitalized since the beginning, 25.
Total deaths, 5.

All this according to the BC Center For Disease Control. 

Population of the Island is 800,000 according to 2106 census. Likely over 850,000 now. 

 Area 31,000 sq. km. The Province of Prince Edward Island is 3,600 sq. km. 

I visited a restaurant today, only take out, because they could have only 50 per cent in restaurant. Owner just can’t do it on that – full staff, 50 per cent maximum clients. And staff difficult to get now because government support is better. 

 Playgrounds silent, including the spark of children at playgrounds. No baseball, outdoor basketball, lacrosse, beach volleyball. 

Costco suddenly this last few days has been recommending masks. No masks recommended when there was a real risk in March. 

Many stores, banks, pharmacies have long line ups. Meanwhile Walmart, some liquor stores no line ups, haven’t seen any at the government run cannabis store either.

I met an elderly (like myself) lady walking the beach thoroughfare today (thank God that is open) who ‘whispered’ to me “this is gone too far”. Then she looked around, nervously, to make sure no one heard her whisper.

Vacated commercial spaces crawling the streets. 

Masks have suddenly appeared outside. There is no science to indicate masks are needed at all outside. 

To those who trust the World Health Organization this is what is on their website today:

 “Currently there is not enough evidence for or against the use of masks (medical or other) for healthy individuals in the wider community. WHO continues to recommend that medical masks be worn by individuals who are sick or those caring for them. WHO is actively studying the rapidly evolving science on masks and continuously updates its guidance.”

 Fear is a great corrosive force, it diminishes, reduces, strips our vitality.

 Common sense has vacated the marketplace. 

 Wordsworth : ‘The Still Sad Music Of Humanity.”


May. 22, 2020

Do you get a sense that the state wants to continue to control our lives beyond the short term using the pandemic to circumvent personal freedom and privacy rights? 

Why do I ask that? Well, I note that just as some re-opening is beginning – not fully done but tentative steps only – what do we hear?

Second Wave! We are not out of the first wave when on comes the second wave. 

The American Centers For Disease Control Director Redfield set the alarm with using the words second wave. 

Then the Public Health Officer, who seems to have taken on powers of a Premier, Dr. Bonnie Henry of British Columbia, raises the phrase second wave – today.

This stirs the fear pot at a time when we don’t need that. We need encouragement and how we can be smarter next time (if there is one) without devastating the economy, causing more suicide, stress, delaying other crucial medical operations, etc. 

 This is a full human issue, not just a narrow medical matter.

It is disturbing to think extended state power can be maintained if not extended and possibly made permanent out of this pandemic. But that danger now seems real with Second Waves being highlighted – surely implying restrictions of all sorts have to continue.

Governments seldom return anything they gain, especially when they say “this is only temporary.”

It might be getting near time when our Charter Rights will have to be put to the test.

At what point do ongoing restrictions ordered from on high infringe upon Section 2 of that Charter? 

c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

d) freedom of association 

Here on Vancouver Island with a population more than 800,000, there have been 126 Wuhan Virus cases, 120 recovered , a 95 per cent rate, no new cases today, none in ICU, one in hospital, 5 deaths. 

Not sure these numbers can supplant or overrule our rights under our Constitution.