Mar. 31, 2020

If it isn’t enough for the Covid-19 virus to have originated in China – in other words the China Virus  – but now we have word that that country has the gall to spread their defective masks all over the world, pretending they are trying to help,  rather than to gain influence  – the word mask is so appropriate. 

And now this has backfired.  

Hundreds of thousands of these Chinese masks (now we can call these Chinese, no problem) were sent to Spain and that country has found them unreliable. Then the Czech Republic found the same thing.  

Now today the latest – the Netherlands  – 600,000 of the N95 masks from China either don’t fit properly or the filters don’t work. 

It is easy for China to hide mistakes at home – but when product goes overseas it’s another story.  

I think Canada has some now and, of course, they must be tested. The Minister of Global Affairs was quoted as thanking China – while there are two Canadians held hostage in China etc, etc – sickening, scared to say anything, Canada, you know that temporary seat on the UN.

Are we capable of learning from this? It’s doubtful from where I sit. Political correctness is killing us and we still refuse to see. 

A political historian mused today that this Covid-19 is a ‘Globalization ‘ disease.

That must drive the socialists and progressives stark raving mad. Their cherished world government is taking a hit. Of course, the UN and the EU proved this long ago, but apparently it takes lives lost and societies to close down before those laggards get the message and come to their senses. 

I read the British government is even mad about this, the Chinese blaming falsely the American Army and spreading their defective masks around the globe. The irony of it all – it’s the Brits under Dear Boris who accepted the Huawei technology just a few weeks ago over the objections of the Americans. 

When this abates it will be time for some serious reckoning. Is the West up to it? 

Mar. 29, 2020

What many who allegedly  “know” me fail to understand is that there was an “all of Canada  determined effort” to discredit me and Newfoundland and Labrador when we were fighting on three fronts – the fishery, offshore oil and gas and the Upper  Churchill Contract. 

CBC led the charge with efforts to corner me by the famous Barbers Frum, and then  Peter Newman and others. 

They won on all three, except that Brain Mulroney, not John Crosbie, understood.  And he saw to it that the Atlantic Accord was signed. 

During that time Justin’s father did what Justin tried to do, and both almost succeeded – lied to the people  – the all-out effort by the feds to persuade  everyone in my Province to accept an inferior deal signed by Nova Scotia  on the offshore. I had been fighting so long on this that a poll I had done said you fought the good fight but now you must give in. And my caucus and Cabinet  were  shaky.

I said no, never! I will go down with the ship.

It was ordinary Newfs who stayed with me through this, not the University or the Business community  etc. , nor the elites or anyone in Canada. 

I have been down many roads in my life and I know the Trudeau (and much of the federal Liberal Party)  mentality, they are centralists not federalists. 

Justin’s approach is consistent with the party of his father and his father’s idea of Canada, a more centralized Canada than the BNA Act envisioned, coupled with an authoritarian approach to power. 

I won all of my elections not because of the establishment but in spite of them.  

When people try to “inform” me of a “Federal Effort” please, nothing has changed. Been there, done that .

And these Ontario and Quebec elites still run both major political parties.

And this latest Justin effort was typical, to subvert Parliament. He closed down Parliamentary Committees, made sure people were not interviewed  by the Ethics Commissioner, obstructed Justice, and on and on.

Remember his Dad tried to subvert the Cconstitution, no less, and fortunately got rebuffed.

Brian Peckford is a former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, living in retirement on Vancouver Island.


Mar. 24, 2020

Did you see that?

The Trudeau Liberals trying to get sweeping powers to tax, spend and borrow for 21 months. 

Trying to use the Coronavirus crisis to escape Parliament and borrow, spend, and tax willy-nilly. With a weakened Conservative opposition the sneaky Liberals thought they would give it a try.

What a despicable bunch!

Andrew Sheer, leader of the opposition, said:

"But we will not give the government unlimited power to raise taxes without a parliamentary vote. We will authorize whatever spending measures are justified to respond to the situation, but we will not sign a blank cheque."

Good for him.

As Sheer said, the Parliament can be recalled with 48 hour notice and deal with any new actions that need to be taken. 

And the gall of the Liberals to say that of course this crazy proposal was negotiable. It should never have been on the table in the first place!

To even contemplate such an action demonstrates the undemocratic nature of this despicable crowd. 

It tells those still unconvinced that these present Liberals should not be allowed to govern – that we are dealing with a group who believe they are above the law – above Parliament – the people. 

In true socialist ideology – they know best for all of us! No, they don’t!

You got away with your obstruction of Justice, your five-time lawbreaking, closing down parliamentary Committees. But Dear Princeling, you hit the wall. Your autocratic, undemocratic “slip “ is showing.

And, it got caught – this time. 


Mar. 23, 2020

We have more than five million Canadians without a family doctor. 

Each day I hear federal and provincial official say “Check with your family physician”.

Well I don’t have one and can’t get one.  

When a Toronto Hospital (and no doubt others) are asking the public to donate gloves and related equipment; 

When we need more and more testing devices etc. here in Canada;

When China is holding Canadians in jails on false charges; 

When China restricted Canadian trade because we were enforcing the law;

Canada indicating they had offered medical aid (Ralph Oliphant, Parliamentary Secretary for foreign affairs – Global News) to China on February 2 when that very day 23 countries had reported cases of the virus, including Canada and the U.S. 

Canada was also offering aid to Greece at this time when it was the EU’s responsibility to assist one of its members. 

Health Regions all over the country are crying out for necessary medical equipment even before this virus appeared. None of the Provinces of this nation have sufficient CT and MRI machines. We rank near the bottom in the OECD on this. 

When is someone going to take the Federal Government to task over this?

Surely, it is the first responsibility of a national government to look after its own before it begins overseas help.  

Here is the Canada Health Act Section 3

Primary objective of Canadian health care policy

3”It is hereby declared that the primary objective of Canadian health care policy is to protect, promote and restore the physical and mental well-being of residents of Canada and to facilitate reasonable access to health services without financial or other barriers.” 

Has this been accomplished on any reasonable interpretation when five million do not have access to a family physician and the number of doctors per 1,000 is one of the lowest in the OECD (2.5 vs Australia 3.5) and the number of MRI machines ( 8.9 per million vs Australia 13.2) is one of the lowest in the OECD according to the Internationally recognized Commonwealth Fund?

I say some reckoning is on order. 

But when you can’t get provincial or federal ministers of health to answer a letter sent to them, don’t hold your breath. 



Mar. 21, 2020

So there, I said it! 

And it’s a virus, the coronavirus, that came from China – the China Virus. Oh, ya it has a fancy name – but this keeps it simple and identifies its origin. Imagine that! 

Of course, now that Trump has said it, he, being a virus to most China sensitive people (and that’s just about everyone) none will say it now.

The Political Correctness and hypocrisy of it all. 

The World Health Organization changed all that a few years ago and like sheep we all followed along. No more geographic naming – that’s an order – George Orwell is turning over in his grave. 

Of course this WHO is part of the UN that has a Human Rights Council full of human rights violators whose sole purpose in life is to bring resolutions against the only democracy in the Middle East. Nice civilized crowd don’t you think? We all put up with this charade every day and continue to support the UN, without any change. 

Now, can you find Taiwan anywhere on the WHO’s website listing the countries and the number of infected with the China Virus? 

No, no, no. See that would upset China, would it not? 

And the UN has rejected Taiwan as a member 15 times. They do that as they call for self determination for peoples and pass an Aboriginal Rights Declaration. 

China is without doubt a Communist state. No one argues that point – well most sensible people. Hence, it is not democratic. It is a one-party state. The Government controls everything; has party people inserted in all the major organizations of the country, imprisons people who oppose the regime and actually is “controlling”, suppressing a large minority right now, the Uyghurs. 

But, with this modern wave of Globalization, democracy and liberty was sacrificed on this fake altar. Cheaper labor, poor working and environmental conditions were ignored, and western industrialized nations rushed headlong inside the Communist borders – China. This was supported by some of the most prestigious organization on the planet – economists dripping in academic credentials. 

And China grew, expanded, prospered, as they stole technology from the west, broke all the trade rules, continued to deny democratic rights manifested in Tianemen Square and Hong Kong – yet we stupidly bought their inferior products and became economic dependencies all the way to necessary medical devices. 

So they gained power and influence and started throwing their weight around – from the South China Sea by taking over islands illegally, according to international law, having their state-owned corporations span out all over the world buying up other companies, buying real estate and recently the great Silk Road project helping vulnerable weak nations build infrastructure on every liveable continent – on China’s terms. And most crucially, they have infiltrated education in Canada and the USA. 

And this last incursion now sees many professors and students denigrating our own system that has brought historic prosperity and a standard of living never before seen on the planet and elevating a socialist/communist system that has failed every time, everywhere it has been tried. 

In British Columbia, China is involved in the most expensive resource project in Canada’s history, the $40 billion LNG project at Kitimat. And recently a Chinese company bought seniors homes that were operated so badly that the Vancouver Island Health Authority had to step in and operate them. 

George Santanya wrote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” That is what is happening now. 

Authoritarian governments in our own time, from the Nazi period to the USSR, have crippled democracy and freedom and yet we have not learned. 

We appease China, a Communist state that seeks to replace our system for theirs. 

At this moment few reference to China concerning the coronavirus. They are afraid because they will be called racist or worse. Oh, and all those supply chains.

None will speak of the high Chinese population in BC and question whether this may contribute to the highest incidence of coronavirus infections in the nation. 

When appeasement occurs on this scale and fear to confront the facts persists, what hope is there that we will learn from this crisis. 

What will have changed a year from now?

Brian Peckford is a former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, living in retirement in Parksville, B.C.