Aug. 28, 2019

Butts still has his paws in the government cookie jar

Remember Gerald Butts? I’m sure there are many who would like to forget. Well he’s still around. And not just with the Liberal Party. Oh, no, he is still much ensconced in the government.

You see Mr. Butts, since leaving government in disgrace, has found himself with an American- based company called the Eurasia Group. (Remember all this talk from Liberals about those nasty Americans?) Well they just got a contract from the fderal Liberal government – untendered you understand – no bids, sole sourced as they call it. This is one of the juicy news pieces from Rebel Media in the last day

And what is this company to do, pray tell, for the almost $200,000 contract? Well, to identify “regulatory and policy risks in the context of carbon and environmental policy, supply disruption issues, market access, oil prices, and supply and demand fundamentals in North America and globally.”

Of course, there is no one in Canada who can do this. And the Department of Natural Resources which issued the contract obviously has no expertise. If you read the requirements to qualify it’s taylor made for Eurasia.

If this is true, what another unbelievable action by this corrupt government?

It is not enough for Butts to attempt to obstruct the Attorney General of Canada in the functioning of her duties as Minister under orders from Trudeau, when he was Chief of Staff, but now to follow that up with a sole source contract from the Government to a company with which Butts is associated, after being disgraced from the government.

Doesn’t get any juicier than this, does it? 

And it is so brazen. Most governments when having someone leave in disgrace would stay as far away from such a person, at least in doing business with the government. Not this crowd. Seeing how easily they have slid through the SNC Lavalin scandal they believe that "the people" will just turn a blind eye. And in large measure this sadly is what is happening.

I could not find anything about this on the pages of the mainstream media. But then again they are about to get money from that same government that awarded the untendered contract. 

Tis a cozy country, alright. We are all in one another’s pocket.

Brian Peckford is a former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, living in retirement on Vancouver Island.