Sep. 2, 2019

Socialism is blooming at Nanaimo City Hall

Well, well, well, it did not take long really. 

The Nanaimo Council has gone “bloody” red, excuse the expression. 

Have you read the latest from  and Nanaimo News Now

The City Council of Nanaimo is to have :

 • An Economic Arm (Staff)

 • A Nanaimo Prosperity Agency (staff and board of directors)

•  And, of course, another committee to oversee it all. (More people) 

 If this is not right out of the Socialist playbook, nothing is.

 Jobs, alright, not economic ones, that create new dollars, but more of the taxpayers’ dollars to boost City Hall’s employment levels. 

 You wouldn’t know it but Nanaimo, 90,000 population (2016 StatsCan) was a Toronto at 3 million or a New York at 8 million. 

Municipalities should not be in the economic development business but create the right environment with enlightened bylaws, business-friendly tax system, and efficiency in processing business plans and ideas. That’s their role. If this is created business will come if there are inherently viable projects out there. You don’t need this bloated bureaucracy .

Imagine you paying for people to give help to get through the bureaucracy of other people you are paying for, to get a project approved! One guy in one office being paid to tell another guy in another office to do his job!

Oh, and the CAO was quick to point out there is no money in the present budget to pay for all this additional bureaucracy. 

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