Sep. 11, 2019

Trudeau is at it again – oh the gall

You know the word gall hardly does justice to the behaviour of our Prime Minister.

One of the definitions given by Merriam Webster is "brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence." says :"impudence; effrontery."

Cambridge dictionary says: "rudeness and the quality of being unable to understand that your behaviour or what you say is not acceptable to other people."

I like the one from Collins dictionary which says : "A gall is a growth on the surface of a plant that is caused by an insect, disease, fungus, or injury."

Now that is what Justin Trudeau has become — "a Growth on the Canadian politic, festered by insects and fungus of ethics violations and justice obstruction.

Those of us who have been close to Canadian governments know well what Cabinet confidentiality is all about. It's about confidentiality that allows members of Cabinet to speak freely on public policy formulation so that sober and thoughtful debate can bring the best decision at the time based on the information then available. It's about protecting sensitive information in the public interest.

It is not about preventing the course of justice from being carried out when there is significant grounds for believing that justice was obstructed by people working for the Government in elected and unelected positions. Especially when that suspicion arises from evidence of an independent investigation by an officer of Parliament, The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner.

The commissioner in the conclusion of his report said: "I find that Mr. Trudeau used his position of authority over Ms. Wilson-Raybould to seek to influence her decision on whether she should overrule the Director of Public Prosecutions' decision not to invite SNC-Lavalin to enter into negotiations towards a remediation agreement. Because SNC‑Lavalin overwhelmingly stood to benefit from Ms. Wilson-Raybould's intervention, I have no doubt that the result of Mr. Trudeau's influence would have furthered SNC-Lavalin's interests.

"The actions that sought to further these interests were improper since the actions were contrary to the constitutional principles of prosecutorial independence and the rule of law. For these reasons, I find that Mr. Trudeau contravened section 9 of the Act."

Of course, this decision to deny the RCMP access to information had nothing to do with our dear Princeling, a PM spokesman has said.

If you want Canadians to believe that, Prime Mister, you also want Canadians to believe there is no budget deficit this year that you promised would not happen, that SNC Lavalin was not shown the door by the World Bank, that Bill 47 and Bill 69 did not happen , that Canada does not exist!!

How can I suffer through five more weeks of this charade?

No, no don’t tell me it could be more!