Sep. 22, 2019

Stop The Green Party — It wants to close down our energy industry

Speaking on the Roy Green radio program today, Green Party leader Elizabeth May said she would replace foreign oil in eastern canada with oil from offshore eastern Canada.

That would spell the death knell of eastern Canada’s offshore industry. Offshore oil and gas development depends on the freedom for industry to negotiate the price for its product and its destination. No international or national oil company would invest in this industry if it was to be dictated by government as to the price of its product or its market. This is utter madness!

Meanwhile industry has said it will finance a pipeline to eastern canada from Alberta and deliver Alberta oil. May and her party are against pipelines.

To be sure that I had not heard this wrong I visited the Green Party of Canada website. Here is part of what they stand for on Energy:

"No new pipelines, or coal, oil or gas drilling or mining, including offshore wells, will be approved. Existing oil and gas operations will continue on a declining basis, with bitumen production phased out between 2030 and 2035. Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations will be banned outright due to impacts on groundwater quality, methane release and seismic activity.

• Cancel the Trans Mountain pipeline (and its $10-13 billion cost) as well as other subsidies to fossil fuel industries, totaling an additional several billion dollars a year. This money will be redirected to the Canadian Grid Strategy and renewable energy transition."

So not only the offshore oil and gas industry, but BC ‘s natural gas industry and Alberta's and Saskatchewan’s oil industry will be phased out.

Do Canadians realize what would happen if the Greens ever gained power or even became a power broker in federal Canadian politics? Billions of dollars of revenues will likely be lost, tens of thousands of jobs would likely be lost.

This year over 90% of Newfoundland and Labrador’s resource revenues (one billion dollars) comes from offshore royalties. In 2018, BC had 10,000 people employed directly in the oil and gas industry and $500 million of revenues to the Province. More than 500 BC companies were involved in Alberta’s oil sands business. Most of BC natural gas industry involves fracking that the Greens say they will to close down. Alberta’s oil and gas industry employed 123,000 people and generated $73 Billion in 2018.

How is all this money and jobs to be replaced by the Green Party? Subsidized wind mills (made of steel) and solar panels which work only when the sun shines or the wind blows and which will destroy thousands of birds and thousands of hectares of ecologically valuable land.

Canadians must realize that the Green Party’s agenda will reduce Canada’s standard of living and cause serious financial problems for the country’s four "Have Provinces" — Have because of oil and gas resources they have developed and are developing.

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Brian Peckford is a former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, in retirement in Parksville, B.C.