Sep. 29, 2019

This election is boring and dangerous

Do you feel like me ? 
We are waltzing through this so called election. With all the issues the opposition could be addressing they seem to have no fire in their belly for it. 
If a Government is supposed to answer for its performance over the past few years, you would never know it. 
Two big promises of the Liberal Party (subsequent Government) in the last election were: 
  1. Balancing the Budget by the time this election came around . Well that sure did not happen . There have been deficits every year with this Government , tens of billions every year and in 2018-19 it was $14.9 billion and projected to be $19.8 billion 2019-20 and $19.7 billion in 2020-21. After that any prediction is so fraught with variables that it lacks credibility. So this was a big election promise not only not kept , but it almost looks like they went out of their way to spend more and more . 
  2. Electoral reform. The great cry for some form of proportional representation . Didn’t happen. This naive promise ran into opposition from many quarters and the Government dropped fulfilling it. 
Then there is the Prime Minister's law breaking — the Conflict of Interest Act . Five times. 
Then the sordid SNC Lavalin Affair, exposing the internal shenanigans of the Government as it used all kinds of pressure to have an independent prosecutorial service change its decision. This found to be violations of the law. 
On the foreign front the Prime Minister went around the world embarrassing us; Like the host country India where he ‘dressed up' – reliving his earlier teaching days of brown and black face masquerades. 
And what does the opposition do? Virtually nothing. The Conservatives had a few feeble ads, almost identical to ones played in the last election – little creativity, no actual frontal assault on the Government’s credibility. 
Locally I have had one party turn up at my door. Where are the other three? 
My take:
The Liberals keep promising, hoping to hold on to Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic . They are waiting for the Conservatives to stumble so that B.C. can deliver some more seats for a majority. 
The Conservatives are being careful hoping for more Liberal scandals, very afraid to rock the boat. Leader Sheer does not ignite. 
The NDP is hoping to hold on to third place, likely to lose all their seats in Quebec, and find power through there being a minority Government. 
The Greens are hoping to increase their seat number and become the power broker in a minority Government.
The increase in the Green support is shocking when one considers they want to close down the energy industry of this country. This from their platform:
‘No new pipelines, or coal, oil or gas drilling or mining, including offshore wells, will be approved. Existing oil and gas operations will continue on a declining basis, with bitumen production phased out between 2030 and 2035. Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations will be banned outright due to impacts on groundwater quality, methane release and seismic activity.’
Yet, hardly anyone is concerned!
It's like we are sleep walking to becoming even less than our present mediocrity!
If a minority Government happens and the Greens improve their position, both of which are now probabilities not just possibilities, our country is likely to become a mini Europe, imbued with all the stalemate, underperformance, negative interest rates, political correctness which sees it with almost zero growth as we speak. 
Not a pretty picture.