Oct. 1, 2019

Conservative Party has a reporter arrested for . . . what?

1001 - The Conservative party had a reporter arrested for not being "accredited" by the party.
What is this? 
If the Leader of the Conservative Party is making an announcement affecting the public should they be allowed to determine what media attends the event? 
This is what happened when a member of the Rebel News team attended a Conservative news event. 
The Toronto Star reports:
"Asked about the ouster of Rebel during the subsequent news conference, Scheer didn’t say much. He simply repeated his pledge to not give any more interviews to the Rebel (he spoke to them once) and noted that this event was for accredited media only — indicating that the Rebel, if ever it did, no longer qualifies for such status under Conservative policy.
Conservative aides accompanying Scheer were a bit more forthcoming. While the party is unable to stop Rebel News from attending large public rallies on the campaign trail, “closed, private events” like Monday’s news announcement in Whitby are a no-go zone for the Rebel.’
Is this freedom of the press, freedom of speech?
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms says
b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
Can a political party in Canada just decide who is to be at a press conference on public matters? Decide who is to be allowed to attend and who isn’t? 
Doesn’t sound right to me. A "closed, private event" which is a news conference? An oxymoron!