Oct. 14, 2019

CBC should worry about Trudeau rather than Trump

I note a speculation article by a CBC reporter Chris Lorfida on Donald Trump and the chances of him being unseated in the Republican Primary etc. 
It would be far more relevant for this billion dollar public (Canadian) subsidy corporation to spend some of its "energies" on the leader of our own country. Given the latest polls that show consistently that his party will loose their majority in the election would it not be very relevant to speculate (which seems a habit of news people these days) about the likely shaky uncertain leadership chances of Justin Trudeau. And they could even reference his law-breaking ways given they so easily malign the personal characteristics of Trump. 
To any reasonable person I think it would be concluded that actual breaking the laws of their country, a leader would be viewed more harshly than the unfavourable personal characteristics of that person. One is very objective given an independent third party rules on Trudeau's illegality while the other is more subjective without independent third-party examination.
This CBC writer had to admit that the economy under Trump is doing well but very quick to point about the Tariff policy. He could also have pointed out that the American economy has been doing far better than that of his home country on almost any measure, and that America’s competitive position is second in the world, according to World Economic Forum, while Canada has fallen two spots to fourteenth. 
But this sort of balanced reporting has left the public square some time ago, to be replaced by speculative articles, very selectively using quotes and a few statistics with no context. 
This article will do nothing to change that but at least it must be continually highlighted the sad state of the fourth estate.