Oct. 27, 2019

Election is over and the commentary is robust

What can we expect? Sadly, our dear Princeling seems to have learned little, notwithstanding his party’s loss of seats and now having to settle for minority status.

Consider≠: This Princeling would not even wait until the leader of the opposition had completed his concession speech the night of the election. This has been a custom for as long as I can remember. You know, manners, courtesy, a little class. This spoiled brat has none. 

This Princeling’s Government is going to appeal a Federal Court decision that allowed the Rebel News group to attend press conferences. You know like freedom of the press?
Notwithstanding this messy behaviour some other important issues should be highlighted.
Given the minority situation and the likely NDP role to provide the Government with the votes to remain in Government, how will the NDP act? 
A.What conditions will they demand for their support? 
B. Will they vary the conditions with different situations? 
C. For example, will support for the Throne Speech call for a more significant condition than for a piece of legislation? 
D. Or will The Government and The NDP do a deal like in British Columbia where the Green party signed a deal whereby matters of Confidence that would defeat the government would not be supported, keeping the Government in power. 
What I will be particularly looking for is whether the Opposition parties will come together to ensure that a full inquiry is conducted into the SNC Lavalin scandal. The Conflict of Interest Commissioner in his report indicated that he was unable to interview all the people involved and the RCMP had a similar situation in their investigation. 
If the opposition parties fail to have this scandal fully investigated then all Canada will know that the swamp is alive and well in federal politics. That ethics and honesty have deserted the federal political square and that they are no better than the Liberals they criticize. 
In this context, let the advocacy of human rights internationally that federal parties are keen to support be seen for what it is — ultimate in hypocrisy and hence demonstrate that Canada has lost the moral authority to be a force for good in the world.