Oct. 28, 2019

CBC is a built-in propaganda arm for the Eastern Establishment

I woke up to a sunny day here on Vancouver Island and my mood was good. 

I opened my Ipad and read the first five stories on The CBC Website. That finished the good mood. 

Two were downright negative toward western Canada and a third was so shallow on the unity question that metaphorically speaking you wouldn’t get your ankles wet. Imagine quoting former Premier of Ontario, David Peterson, and defeated NDP leader of Alberta, Rachael Notley. Peterson and his ilk are some of the people whose understanding of Canada is about what happens from Winnipeg to Montreal. Notley, well, she is still trying to figure out Alberta. 

The second one dealt with the equalization question and how Jason Kenney, the Alberta Premier, is all wet behind the ears about his criticisms of that program. Of course, no one knew that Alberta did not write the cheque to Quebec under the program. That it was a Federal Program. Quoting an economist professor out of the University of Calgary the program was explained to all of us unknowing citizens. That’s depth for you. 

The third one dealt with Wexit and how this is a pawn now for Conservative leaders. In an attempt to downplay the west’s frustration it says:

"Albertans themselves were far angrier with Ottawa and Pierre Trudeau during the National Energy Program era that spawned the “eastern bastards” bumper sticker than they are with his son, who is trying, and so far failing, to expand a pipeline."

Trying to make a flawed project (that taxpayers are forced to pay for) to be somehow in play rather than The Northern Pipeline cancellation, The Energy East Pipeline cancelation, Bill 48, and Bill 69 shows just how off mark this CBC writer really is and only contributes to why the west is upset 

Oh, the other two? 

One, on when Conservative leader knew he would loose. Imagine that !!!!

The other on how defeated MPs will get $15,000 from the Parliament to help the poor souls adjust to being more like a regular Joe. Can’t imagine that!

I’m ready to go back to bed and pull the blankets over me. I guess I will just have to make better decisions of what I read when I rise in the morning.