Nov. 12, 2019

Imagine – if Don were our Justin

The unfortunate choice of words by sports celebrity, hockey TV analyst, and aging patriot Don Cherry has seen the politically correct hoards come out in full force.

 Unbelievable pile on!

 Seemed like they were one of our northern Canadian lynx, stealthly perched in the tree, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting snow shoe hare.

 They were obviously ready for any slip to bring down this guy whose over-zealous patriotism has no place in their world and which gave them the opening they hungrily sought. 

And pounce they did. It was relentless!

Too bad our Justin wasn’t treated with the same objection as our Don. 

Why, our Justin actually broke some laws as adjudicated by an independent third party. Given the outrage over a poor choice of words, what would have happened to our Don if he did what our Justin did? If he actually broke our laws – four times – he would have been run out of the country or put in jail. 

 Oh yes, our Justin performed really badly:

Having a millionaire who was looking for money from the government cover expenses for our Justin and his family at the millionaire’s Caribbean mansion 

Attempt to obstruct the normal course of Justice in the Attorney General’s office. 

Support a company whose activities were so offensive that the World Bank refused to do business with the company for ten years

And have a parliamentary Committee closed down to stop more questions on the corrupt SNC Lavalin affair

Conduct black face displays as a teacher at a school events 

Applaud China’s governance. 

And he did not lose his job! He was rewarded! He was re-elected!

 Imagine  – if Don was Justin 

 Oh, Canada, methinks Canada’s hockey net is full of hypocrisy holes. Facing truly ethical teams we would be shut out!