Nov. 21, 2019

New cabinet — Trudeau and The Liberals have learned nothing

Oh, My, what can one say?

This is everything critics like me thought would happen but hoped we were wrong. More quantity, 36 Ministers, but little appreciation for the country’s issues. 

Here we have a very serious problem in the west and the Prime Minister’s opening statement introducing the new Cabinet completely ignores that reality..:

“On election day, Canadians chose to continue moving forward. From coast to coast to coast, people chose to invest in their families and communities, create good middle-class jobs, and fight climate change while keeping our economy strong and growing. Canadians sent the message that they want us to work together to make progress on the issues that matter most, from making their lives more affordable and strengthening the health care system, to protecting the environment, keeping our communities safe, and moving forward on reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. People expect Parliamentarians to work together to deliver these results, and that’s exactly what this team will do.”

What a slap in the face to Alberta and Saskatchewan and North Eastern British Columbia. To the energy industry and people who work in it. And all those Canadians everywhere in Canada who depend on that industry, not one word!

And appointing Jim Carr as the Prairie Representative in the Cabinet is really a lame effort. Carr presided over the Natural Resources Department when the first moves were being made to undermine the oil and gas industry. I attended a conference where he spoke and his comments were totally oblivious to what the industry was telling him at the time. The result was the energy killing Bills 48 and 69. And do you think that with ten Quebecers in the Cabinet anything will be done to change the equalization program? To amend these two bills? With his good friend and completely underwhelming Seamus O’ Reagan now in charge of Natural Resources change that favours the industry or quells the west’s frustration is, if anything, more remote than ever.  

There is no real signal here that out dear Princeling has learned a thing.

And the country languishes.

Douglas Murray, globally known writer and social commentator in an interview with National Post’s Barbara Kay said of Canada when queried by Kay on the culture wars :

“Canada doesn’t look good (internationally) at the moment. It’s repeatedly throwing up more hostile battles in this area than your population size would demand. In Canada it looks from outside like there’s an adult deficit. A serious lack of adults.’

If one had to describe the political leadership of this country it is difficult to think of a more valid comment.