Nov. 23, 2019

Can we take another week like this one?

“I can see clearly now . . “ remember the song?  It gets funnier and funnier every day.

Oh oh I must not laugh. There is just so much fodder one can hardly sleep. 

I mean not only could you not make this stuff up you would be hard pressed to find comedy turning to farce so quickly as has happened here. 

Here we have an obsessively politically correct “new” Federal Government falling all over itself in presenting a new bloated cabinet with cozy friends and ideological soul mates getting all the hot spots in that once important now irrelevant august body. 

But to top it off and to show the world just how correct we are we now have a Ministry of Middle Class Prosperity – this as this same government destroys middle-class jobs in the energy industry through Bills 48 and 69. Can you believe the gall – one definition of this word being – “an abnormal growth formed on plants and trees especially oaks in response to the presence of insect larvae mites or fungi.”

It’s an abnormal growth alright – on the body politic! Inflicted by a tone deaf governing class which knows not what the country’s wants and needs are. 

What over-paid consultant thought this up? What friend of the Princeling brought this concept to the table? Who is running this adolescent aberration of a government? The new Minister for this silly Department it is reported is at a loss to define what Middle Class means. I wonder when a definition is provided, if one is ever provided, will the minister fall under the definition?

The Press of course are having a field day with the National Post highlighting on their front page yesterday just what is in store for the country as other similar new ministries will have to be announced to keep up with the latest social fads of Twitter and their ilk.  

Then on policy we find the results of the Government’s failed policy on national pipelines as Quebec struggles with a shortage of propane.

Can you believe it? The irony of it all!

Quebec no sooner declares its opposition to pipelines coming from Alberta than a mere four -day-old rail strike sees the province brought to its knees on the lack of propane supply. How embarrassing this must be for Quebec and the federal government ? No, no, this is not embarrassing – they don’t know the difference – that’s the tragedy! 

From comedy to farce to tragedy. 

For the rest of us it is a tragedy to see all that volume of propane and the capacity to transport it by safer means other than railways being strangled by misguided and incompetent leaders. Premier Jason Kenny was right to point out that there is such a easy fix — a simple tried-and-true technology – a pipeline from the west to the east.

Something that under the Constitution of the country the federal government is supposed discharge. The relevant section of the Constitution reads:  . . . “it is hereby declared that (notwithstanding anything in this Act) the exclusive Legislative Authority of the Parliament of Canada extends to all Matters coming within the Classes of Subjects next hereinafter enumerated; that is to say  91(2) The Regulation of Trade and Commerce.”

 This working week is over, can we take another one like this?