Dec. 30, 2019

A missed opportunity to display Canada's national character

Did you see it?

Canada’s Junior Hockey team captain refused to remove his helmet during the playing of the Russian National Anthem. Russia had just demolished the Canadians 6 - 0 in the World Junior Hockey championship in the Czech Republic. It is customary after every game for both teams to line up on the blue lines , remove their helmets, and the national anthem of the winning team is played. 

There’s lots a talk these days about transparency and accountability. Well, here is one place where the accountability card should be played. Barrett Hayton has lost his right , privilege , call it what you will, to be Captain of Canada’s junior hockey team. 

Captain is supposed to mean leadership, responsibility, leading, providing an example on how to act. 

Sure, Hockey Canada and Hayton have issued apologies. But in this soft, me too, micro aggression generation, the accountability factor gets lost.

Here is a time when Hockey Canada can show the world that actions have consequences. 

 Canada is always spouting its bones fides – That Canada stands for respect, courtesy and responsibility, a wonderful democracy, transparency and accountability. 

After all, hockey is our national game when we show the world our hockey skills. And national character ?