Jan. 17, 2020

Paramedics work in Vancouver but can't offord to live there

Did you see this latest? Paramedics working in the city of Vancouver can’t afford to live there. 
There is the story of one man who commutes from Parksville to Vancouver to work. That’s a six- hour trip. The gentleman would have to drive from Vancouver to Horseshoe Bay to get the Ferry, and hour and a half ferry ride , then another drive to Parksville. Another lives in Courtenay on Vancouver Island, even further than Parksville.
Then there is the couple who live in the Okanangan, 400 kilometres away. And another 197 who do similar trips to maintain that paramedic job. 
That’s how crazy the Vancouver area is these days. 
And notwithstanding that the socialists are in power municipally and provincially, and who have claimed for years they have better answers than the Liberals, little has changed. The measures enacted by both levels of government have done little to change the situation. 
Look at the Real Estate Board’s numbers for Metro Vancouver for December, 2019. The average price for a detached home is $1,423,500, an apartment is $656,700, and an attached home is $778,000. As a matter of fact, prices are trending upward this month and a quarter having come down modestly for the year. And that earlier drop was on exorbitantly high prices. 
So that's socialist dream? Remains just that.