Jan. 30, 2020

Trudeau won’t help veterans but subsidizes Canadian Tire

You know that there is something "rotten" going on when The Prime Minister tells a veteran in 2018 at an Edmonton Town Hall 
"Because they (veterans) are asking for more than we can give right now."
I was reminded of this as I was reading about Canadian Tire, that profitable Canadian company getting a subsidy of $2.7 million from the federal government for installing electric charging stations. And Loblaws, one of Canada’s largest grocery chains, getting $12 million for eco friendly fridges
Boy , and this PM racks up almost $20 billion annually in deficits but — little extra for the veterans. 
You know there was a time when this would not stand — that it would be so scandalous that the government would have to readjust its finances and do more for the veterans— not anymore.
Sure six million Canadians are without a family physician as we boast universality. I heard an announcer say it last night on TV "our universal health care". And it is supposed to be comprehensive and accessible. The elites continue to spout these terms that are in the Canada Health Act and no one challenges the utter falsity of those statements.
Will some one, some new political party or organization, appear to bring some sense to these things, or will the games continue? Where is the outrage?
With the opening of Parliament one hears the Speaker announce  "Send In The Clowns." 
I hear Wordsworth "The Still Sad Music Of Humanity."