Feb. 1, 2020

Thankfully, Rex Murphy sticks up for Ezra Levant

Since when have the two largest countries geographically changed places? Canada becomes Russia and vis versa?

That is a question one is likely to ask as a result of a recent investigation in our Country. 

We have Trudeau’s Election Commission chasing after Ezra Levant because he wrote a book (The Libranos: What The Media Won’t Tell You About Justin Trudeau’s corruption) and publicized it on billboards. Oh, and during the election. Apparently he did not register it? He supposedly violated the Elections Act for spending more than $500 on elections advertising expenses. Now if that is not Russian style these days, I don’t know what is! Those technicalities (still not proven in court) come in so handy.  

Levant was forced on threat of penalty to come to the Commissioner’s office and explain himself before two investigators. But the investigators didn’t tell him the reason for the investigation! Why? Because of “security reasons..”

As Rex Murphy says in his article on the subject in the National Post entitled: “Our election chief investigates authors now? 

“What possible threat to Canadian security on any imaginable level – to whom or to what – could there be in telling a person accused of something the substance of the actual investigation?”

Murphy does not mention that Levant’s news organization, Rebel News and another, True North, were recently shut out of attending the recent leaders’ election debates by a Trudeau appointed Leaders Debate Committee  – only to have a Federal Court at the last minute, as a result of an appeal to it by Rebel News and True North, rule that the Leaders’ Committee was wrong and ordered that the two previously banned news organizations be allowed to attend. 

What is going on in this country?

As Murphy mentions, one is reminded of the outrageous hounding (they raided his house) by the Federal Government of Vice Admiral Mark Norman only to back down when court proceedings would mean details embarrassing to the Government would be released. 

Younger readers will not remember the hounding by the Liberal Federal Government of Jean Chrétien of the President of the Federal Development Bank, who refused loans to companies in Chretien’s riding only to be totally vindicated by a Quebec Court which found the federal government to have wrongly accused the president . 

To those Canadians “all tied up in a knot” over proceedings to our south, looks like we got lots at home to worry about.

Brian Peckford is a former premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, now living on Vancouver Island.