Feb. 7, 2020

Canada’s Conservatives off to a bad start

Well, there was Andrew Sheer, uninspiring, an example of the Peter Principle, and then a hand in the cookie jar. 

And now we are supposed to be in a Conservative leadership race. 

Of course, all the big hitters, so called, have bowed out. Peter McKay , the former Minister,  from Nova Scotia and now fresh from the private sector, seems to have frightened everyone away. Obviously, McKay has been doing his homework from behind the scenes for some time . 

But he forgot to complete all his homework – tut, tut – bad boy.  You let a tweet out criticizing the PM’s party for spending $800. Peter, you did not finish a chapter in that homework book. Now if that was the $8 billion over the already $19 billion deficit this year, that would be different. 

Oh, and then we see you did not read much of that book at all. Especially the media chapters.  That CTV interview where you got up and walked out – and you a former Minister in a number of portfolios – an MP for many years.

Oh, what are we poor plebeians to make of it all? Another potential leader??? 

Doesn’t look good!