Feb. 17, 2020

Now we have it, the answer was there all the time

How stupid are we? The answer was there all the time. Our protests and law breaking are almost over. Just call a committee (now there’s a Canadian word for you) an "Incident Response Team” and the problem “infrastructure disruptions” and presto . . .

That’s what our Princeling is saying.

This is becoming so ridiculous as the political correctness goes in overdrive. This excuse for a PM flies in from Senegal to utter these words. Now that he is going to stay and not go to Barbados what other diction gems will be thrust upon us? Our language will be greatly enhanced with his presence. You think???

Just “infrastructure disruptions”  Is that right Mr. PM? 

No it’s not. It is indigenous protests closing down large swaths of our railway system and court injunctions being ignored, and people signalled to be laid off. 

And “Incident Response Team”. Can you believe it? 

Like, do you think “emergency” should enter the picture? Perhaps even “crisis”?

Anyway, should not the full cabinet of the Government be involved? Or does the Cabinet really exist anymore? The PMO rules everything these days. 

Should not there be a designated debate in Parliament about what’s happening in our country as laws and injunctions are callously being violated?

Is this a Parliament Democracy? Is this a representative and responsible form of Government? 

One would think the lowly MPs from all sides of the House would get up enough courage to demand a debate in Parliament!

The week is not starting off very well.

COMMENT: Graeme Roberts

Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says he believes sending in police to break up the blockade in Tyendinaga, Ont. by force would only result in more disruptive protests in the future.”

Name another country in this world where those members of a segment consisting of three  per cent of the population can hold the remaining 97 percent to ransom ?

Russia No, USA No, China No, UK No, Germany  No, Japan No. Canada YES!

Could you see the likes of Trump, Putin or Xi Jinping flying around the world glad handing while his country is on the verge of economic peril dictated by a handful of organized wave makers 

What have we Canadians got for leadership in our Capital?

I’ll tell you what we have. A bunch of lily-livered gutless procrastinating politicians practicing kid gloved domestic diplomacy and political correctness leading us to a possible path of economic disaster and insurrection.

A travesty beyond all imagination. Sadly, Canada, if per chance even noticed by any other country, the laughing stock.

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